Easy Tips to Make a Christmas Ornament Out of a Tennis Ball

Make a Christmas Ornament Out of a Tennis Ball

Want to make Christmas all the more special this year by making your own tree ornaments using unused household items? Then here is a plan that can transform those unused tennis balls lying around the house into inexpensive, but really regal looking ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Things needed

A couple of newspapers

Glue sticks and a glue gun

¼ inch metallic silver and gold twisted cords.

A tennis ball


It might become a bit messy. So spread some newspapers on and around the work area to keep it clean.

Heat up the glue gun and insert a glue stick into it. Plug the glue gun into an electrical socket.

Apply a small amount of glue in a very thin line to the bottom of the tennis ball. Take one end of a twisted gold or silver cord and press the same against the glue nicely. Hold it in place for about 40 seconds until the cord sticks to the ball properly. You can test this by holding the other end of the cord and suspending the ball to see if it falls off.

Apply some more glue in a thin line in a clockwise direction, following a circular pattern around the ball. Bend andpress the cord against the glue as you apply it around the ball. Once you reach the other end of the cord (the one that you attached first), cut off the remaining cord and press the end firmly against the glue.

Follow the same procedure to stick another circle of cord to the tennis ball. Make sure you stick the cord right next to the previous one, and follow the same line without leaving any gaps in between the two cords. Continue the same with the other coils until the tennis ball is completely covered by the silver/gold cords. Remember that the tennis ball should not be visible at all beneath the cords, meaning you should stick them tightly around the ball, and right next to each other.

Cut off the remaining pieces of cord at the top using a pair of scissors. There should be no loose ends of the cord sticking out or upward. Cut off all these ends, and stick the remaining cord to the ball firmly.

Cut about 6 inches of a colorful, decorative ribbon. Apply some glue on one end of the ribbon and stick it to the other end to form a loop. Leave some space at the edge of one end of the ribbon while doing so in order to attach it to the ball. Press the ribbon ends tightly until they stick to each other firmly.

Apply some glue over a cord’s end at the top of the tennis ball. Position the glued end of the ribbon above the top of the tennis ball and press it down against the glue firmly. Hold it in place for about 40 seconds until the ribbon sticks to the ball firmly. Now hold the loop of the ribbon byyourfinger to test if the ball sticks to it or not. All you need to do afterwards, is hang it on your Christmas tree.

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