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Easy steps to replace the Icemaker in your refrigerator

<![CDATA[It’s already hot outside and so now all you want is a glass of drink half filled with chilling ice cubes, but what! You suddenly find that your refrigerator’s icemaker is not working! This may make you sweat more but no need to worry as removing and replacing icemaker unit is actually very simple. It is true that model, size and brand of electronic appliances may vary but the icemaker repair steps outlined below are basic and suitable for all kinds of refrigerators. So, if you really want ice cubes in the next hour then follow these easy steps right now.

Cut the power off

It is of utmost relevance to power off the refrigerator before starting the icemaker repairing work. So disconnect the refrigerator’s electric plug and pull it away from the wall to a place where it is comfortable to work on it.

Shut-off water supply valve

Turn off the water supply valve by rotating its handle counterclockwise. The valve is present at one end of the supply tube.

Remove the Ice Bin and Ice Maker

Now open the freezer compartment and carefully remove the ice bin. If there is freezer’s shelves then get rid of that as well. Also, some icemakers may be equipped with trim plates.Iif your refrigerator is installed with it then first remove the plates before actually taking out the ice maker unit.

Look for icemaker’s wire harness

Usually, the wire harness of icemaker is behind it. You just have to squeeze the harness’s locking tabs and disconnect the two halves carefully.

Unscrew the Icemaker

Most icemakers have two screws on each side that hold it in place. But, there are models also which may have a third screw below the icemaker. Just find for all of the screws and remove them with aid of a screwdriver.

Disconnect the Water Supply Tube

The water supply tube line needs to be disconnected which is connected to the water inlet port placed at back of the ice-making unit.

Placing the new icemaker unit

Now, you just have to reverse all the steps stated above. Simply connect the water supply tube to the inlet port, screw the icemaker tightly at correct position, connect the icemaker wire harness to the refrigerator, place the bin back and switch it on.

So, just relax for while till the new icemaker produces fresh ice cubes.


The icemaker of any refrigerator may needs to be replaced if it is producing smelly ice cubes, or is leaking or not at all working. It is always best to look for its model number at the back and purchase a new unit from the authorized dealer.]]>

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