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East Java’s Mt. Kelud on red alert

Mount Kelud, near Indonesia’s second largest city Surabaya, is showing signs that it may erupt anytime according to the experts.

As how Mt. Kelud behaves, scientists are anticipating that the volcano might produce a bigger explosion compared to what occurred in 1990 since it has not yet erupted even if it already exceeded the crater-lake temperature four times higher.

It showed that there is an island-like crust formation within the vicinity as the release of pressure is still at its minimum level.

Volcanologist Saut Simtupang said Mt. Kelud’s volcanic activity is risky since there is a tendency of creating a bigger eruption as it stores greater energy inside.

Because of this, he added, residents should take the necessary precautions of not returning yet to their homes as uncertainty of its explosion may happen when you least expect it.

Thirty people died during Mt. Kelud’s eruption in 1990 and other casualties. In 1919, 5,000 were killed with the hot flashes of scalding water coming from the nearby lake.

The natives living within 5 km radius are advised to evacuate from their homes to ensure their safety in case the volcano starts to produce hot emissions (lava).

It has been estimated that there are at least 350,000 residents living near Mt. Kelud at 10-km distance. They use the volcanic soil in growing coffee, fruits like papaya, pineapple and sugar cane. Others feed their cattle and other farm animals on the slope of the volcano.

Current efforts are being made by the authorities to protect the nearby areas from lahar, hot ashes and emissions through their precautionary channels and disaster-preparedness campaigns.

Indonesia’s active seismic activities have something to do with its geographical location within the boundaries of the Pacific Ring of Fire. This was the cause several volcanic eruptions occurred in the country over the centuries.


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