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Most people dream of a beautiful home, as a part of a stable life that they plan for themselves. (Most… not all) Even the fairy tales peak of a castle in which the lead roles go on to live happily ever after. Castles which are beautiful & bright: painted with strikingly brilliant colors, which flow from the brushes of Walt Disney’s finest creators. But then real life ain’t that simple & neither are the colors that we have to pick. It is widely known that selecting paint for the exterior of your home, or building, is not simple as it involves more than the aesthetics.

Paints have to not only withstand the normal wear & tear caused by the elements of nature but they also need to endure the rigors of modern city atmosphere. With growing pollution across the planet & increase in particular pollution across the globe, it becomes essential that we guard the beauty of the structures in the right way. Conventional paints are known to release toxins into atmosphere that further damage the environments & degrade the structure that uses them.

Millennium Organic Chemicals, a British R&D firm has developed “Ecopaint”. The paint works in a unique fashion to combat the pollution that tries to destroy your home. The paint is formulated on a base of polysiloxane, a polymer consisting of silicon. Tiny nanoparticles of calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide (TiO2) act in a chemical reaction to preserve the wall. They decompose the Nitric pollutants in such a way that they do not cause any damage to the environment or the wall. The paint starts to loose its sheen after every 5 years, giving us a visible indication that it is time for change. This sounds like a really useful product, but one might have to wait a while before it hits the market.



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