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Dos and don’ts for a successful home remodeling

A home is not just a residence where members of a family live together; rather it is a benevolent place offering refuge, security and comfort to dwellers. Home is a place that holds the memories of the past, which nurtures the ambitions and dreams of the future. Home is where the heart is. We have a special bond and an emotion attached with our homes, and we go an extra mile to add value to our homes. Remodeling or renovating our home is something that we all dream of doing to make it more beautiful, attractive and comfortable. Home remodeling is a very exciting and a fulfilling experience. Here are some of the dos and don’ts for a successful home remodeling.


Upgrading your living area and bedroom:

Before buying any large piece of furniture, be sure to map it. Create a paper template and lay it down. This will give you a real idea of how much room it takes and gives a better idea of how much free space will be available. You would not want a cramped area.

Upgrading your kitchen:

A kitchen is not just about fancy cabinets and colorful wallpapers. A kitchen must be comfortable and easy to work in. Find the right height to keep the microwave, mixers and other appliances with wide walkways for enough room. It is great to be connected to the family members while working in the kitchen. A kitchen with a half wall overlooking the living area serves the purpose and looks great as well.

Remodeling the bathroom:

Take advantage of every space available. Maximize vertical storage to save the floor space. Select durable flooring which is anti-slip and water resistant. Right lights at the right place increases the efficiency and enhances design. Use horizontal light as wide as the mirror to avoid shadows. Moisture in a bathroom is a big NO. Have good ventilation by installing a vent fan that is now available in some really good and stylish designs.

Be realistic and be prepared:

Once you have made your mind for a remodeling, you need to prepare well and plan carefully. Be ready to tackle the dirt and dust, be ready for the delays. Most projects tend to take up to 30% extra time and over shoot the budget by about 25%. A good plan is the key!


Don’t get too fancy:

Anyone who decides to remodel their home, want to do the best and make it look the best. Do not get too fancy with too much of geometric elevations, trendy colors and glass structures. Evaluate if you really need this, keeping in mind the maintenance that would be required and if you would want it five years in future.

Do not settle for cheap products:

As mentioned earlier, budget tend to get a little higher than expected once the project begins and we are forced to look for options and materials to keep the budget in place, especially in the last leg of the project. Do not get tempted and settle for cheap products. Compromising on the cost could mean compromising on the quality.

Do not be in a hurry:

It is quite natural that you want it to be completed as early as possible once you have decided to go ahead with the renovation. You want to the picture that you have imagined to get materialized quickly. However, it is important to take it step by step and give the project enough time to get the right quality.

Don’t be too fickle minded:

There is always a lot of confusion and doubt while doing selections and making decision. Many delays are caused due to the contractors but some are also cause because of us, as we take too long to decide on the colors, fixtures, tiles, etc. Make sure to decide these early enough.


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