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Dos and Don’ts for the protection of your awning

<![CDATA[Outdoor awnings are an attractive and practical addition to any type of house that protect indoor furnishings from the sun and provide shade to outdoor living areas. The durability of your awnings depends greatly on how you use it and care for it. It is very important to regularly clean and maintain your awnings. Here are some tips for the same.

Some Dos:

Do check the weather conditions when using the awning. It should not be used during bad weather conditions as it greatly damages the awnings.

Do keep in mind the speed of the wind while using the awning. Although it is designed to move up and down with the moving wind it does not in any way means that it can be left out there to be damaged by heavily flowing wind currents.

Do remember that the snap change can lead to damage of the awning.

Do make sure that all the ground lock support poles provided with awning are always fitted when it is out for use. These poles provide front rail security and thus make the structure stronger and safer.

Do make sure to remove the support poles during retracting especially if you own an electrically operated one.

Do clean your awning regularly.

Do brush the awning to clear off debris and waste matter over it.

Some Don’ts:

Don’t unwind your awning on bad weather conditions such as gusting wind. This would only lead to the damage of the awning.

Don’t forget to retract you awning once the weather conditions start to become unfavorably cold or wet.

Don’t retract your electrically operated awning with the support poles being attached. Doing this will cause strain on the electric motor thus causing damage to the life of the motor.

Don’t retract the cover if it has not dried out or is still very wet. Allow the cover to dry out naturally and then keep it back.

Don’t wind out the awning at all when the weather conditions are poor although it has a facility to be wound out partially.

Don’t allow and use the canopy during snow fall as this will cause the canopy to suffer breakage and will also put extreme pressure on its fittings and arms which can be very dangerous.

Summary With the above said minor care for your awning you can ensure their brightness and service for longer duration of time.]]>


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