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Don’t let the manipulative behavior of your child drive you crazy

When kids become manipulative, they start taking control in their own hands. They may lie, scream, threaten and sometimes blame their parents to get things done their way. Parents must understand that this is a trap and they must not allow their kids to control their behavior. It is quite natural for kids to make use of manipulative behavior when they get to know that they can blackmail their parents and be in charge. Here are a few simple tips:

Understand their behavior

You must make efforts to understand why your kids behave in a certain way and what triggers the manipulative behavior on their part. Find out what are those particular situations when your kids behave this way. They may try to avoid going to school and may have a reason behind it. Try to get to the root cause of the problem. Find out whether they are manipulative to all others or not. There might be a possibility that they know that you easily give in. You must know what your kids are trying to avoid something by getting manipulative. Do not take things for granted, as there may be a serious issue that needs your attention.

Analyze your parenting principles

When you see your kids trying to be manipulative with you, it is high time to analyze your parenting principles. Do not let your kids blackmail your emotionally. It is important to pay attention to what they try to say but all rules must stand still. If your compromise with unfair demands of your kids you would have to make an exception every time they come up with an excuse. Try to make your kids understand instead of avoiding the situation. Parents must have clarity of thoughts and be sure about their parenting principles. An attempt to see everyone happy for a moment can cost you a lot as kids get to know what works.

Control your behavior

Kids have strange ways to be manipulative and get what they want. They can make you cry and bring tears to your eyes. Those parents who give in easily have to face such situation very often and in most cases, kids have an upper hand. Kids know that their parents love them the most and this is the reason why they get manipulative with them. Do not make changes in your plans especially when your kids urge you to do that by being manipulative. Learn to avoid them when they make promises or play a blame game.

Set your priorities right

Parents must be aware of their behavior patterns since kids may learn to be manipulative if these see their parents doing it. Make a list of family rules and make it clear that rules do not change for anyone, no matter what. Learn to reward good behavior as it motivates them to do so more often. Parents must teach their kids to get what they want by fair means so that they turn into responsible and self-reliant human beings.

Learn to believe your kids

Simply because your kids are manipulative, you must not start ignoring them. One must learn that kids always try to find an easy way out of their troubles and once their strategy works they use that repeatedly. Believe in your kids, as they are not bad. It is just that they do what they think should be done to get a desired outcome. When you teach them, they get rid of their bad habits for good.

When kids see their manipulative behavior giving them good results they get dependent upon it. Adopt a strategy that helps them learn to manage their own lives. You may have to go through the trouble for a while but it is only for a better future of your adorable kids.


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