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Designing painted T-shirts

Sometimes it becomes difficult to make your kid busy while you are occupied in some other work. So, why not engage them in some activity which they love most. Of course almost every child loves colors and their paint brush. Life of a child is full of lovely colors and they love to put these colors on canvas.You can also give a company to your kid to boost their moral.


4 year+ children can easily perform the task. Of course your guidance is required.


1. T- shirt. Make sure that it’s color is long lasting and cotton fabric should be preferred.

2. Fabric colors

3. Acrylic colors and textile medium

4. Paint brushes

5. Various stamps or stencils

6. A cardboard

7. Cloth clips

Stamps, stencils and colors are available in craft shops. You will find rest of the things in home.

How to make it?

1. First of all, wash the T- shirt if it is new to remove the starch. Due to starch, colors may not come out well. Also some clothes shrink after first wash, so it’s better to put it in water for sometime and dry it properly.

2. You can also opt for some used T-shirt. Painting your old T-shirt will give it a new look.

3. When the T-shirt is completely dried, place it on a smooth surface and place the cardboard inside the T-shirt between it’s two layers. It will become easy to paint on it. And moreover it will not allow colors to come onto the other side of the T-shirt.

4. Use cloth clips for support so that the T-shirt remains tightly fixed on cardboard and doesn’t move when you apply colors to it.

5. Select a pattern or design which you want to make on the T-shirt.

6. If you are using a stencil, then place it on the T-shirt and fill the desired colors gently using a paint brush. Leave the stencil there for sometime. After a while lift it up very carefully.

7. Keep continuing the process, and color the desired shapes in the stencil, wherever you want them on the T-shirt.

8. If you are using stamps for your painting, then place the colors on the stamps using your paint brush. Now place the colored side of stamp onto the T-shirt gently. Pressing too hard can make your painting blurred. So, be careful.

9. Leave the colored stamp on the T-shirt for few seconds and then remove it slowly and patiently. The color will get absorbed in the cloth properly. If it has not come out well then you can repeat the process .

10. Keep stamping colors and shapes of your kid’s choice.

11. Let it dry completely. See on the label of the T-shirt and follow instructions for drying. Avoid heat and sunlight.

More ideas

1. You can use coloured tubes like Frolica (camlin). It can give your painted picture’s 3-D effect.

2. You can use glitters which will add more style to your design.

3. After the stamping is done, draw a boundary line on the design using a paint brush. It will give a neat and finished look to the painting.

4. You can go for a stroke of bright and vibrant colors.

Quick tips

1. If you already have fabric colors then don’t buy new ones. And if you have acrylic colors then add textile medium in it. It will come out same as fabric color. Do not spend unnecessary in purchasing new colors.

2. You can make stencils by cardboard at home. You can make some simple shapes on it like stars or balloons and then cut the drawn shape using paper cutter or scissors.

3. When the color is dried completely, then iron the T-shirt inside out. It will fix the color properly.

4. Do not wash in hot water. Wash it inside out in cold water.

5. Don’t use dryer or sunlight for drying. For drying, place it in a shade and always dry it inside out. The color will last longer.

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