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Gifting a teenage!

Teenage is both a boon and a bane. Be it boy or a girl all parents will agree that pleasing their teenagers can be an uphill task. When you go shopping for a teenager be as creative as possible. And if the occasion is as special as the birthday you know you will have to come up with something that is not just out of the box but also something that is thoughtful and unique. Teenage girls should be gifted with something that suits their personality and they can enjoy with friends as well.

The list below may help you to choose what suits best for your teenager.

1. Spa basket or spa day

Putting makeup and looking glamorous is something every teenage girl will get excited about. Give her fantasy a boost this birthday. Bring in a basket full of tattoos, nail polish, hair accessories, lip gloss and eye shadows completed with hand bags and false fur! To make it extra special you can add a gift voucher from her favorite clothing store. It is always safe to gift a voucher than actual clothes. In order to give her an extra edge, gift her a day in the spa. Let her indulge herself getting manicures, pedicures, and hair do. This will not only make her feel special, but also responsible and a little adult.

2. Tickets for concert or sports event

If your girl likes sports it is best to gift her tickets to go and see her favorite team in action. You can include a ticket for her best friend too, as friends to teenagers are very important. You can go ahead and include some sports accessories like t-shirt of her favorite team, waistband which is colorful and has her name printed on it, a sports watch or sports shorts that are personalized. Now if your girl is all into hip hop and rock what better idea to give her a ticket for her favorite band show. Let her have the very best; tickets, chauffeur driven car and finally take her to the best restaurant in town. Make her feel like the diva she dreams of.

3. Jewelry tree

Another modern and viable gift is the jewelry tree. Well first include some unique gifts like glitzy earrings, necklaces, jeweled watches, and bracelets. Make sure all the jewelry you gift her is funky, trendy and high on style. With this, gift her jewelry tree to keep these entire things in a trendy new way and which also gives her room a special look. To make her day extra special bring a share certificate from a jewelry store which will make her feel big and responsible both at once. Teenagers like being given responsibility.

4. Picture purses

This one is a sure winner. Go through her album and select her best image. It may be of her infant, with her friends, or with you, just make sure it has a story attached to it. Now you can order this image to be put on a purse, a handbag or a tote bag. This purse will not only be special for what it is, as she can flaunt it among her peers, but she will hold to the dear memory of the story you add to it. You can also give her a gift certificate for the purse so that she can select the image herself.

5. Scrapbook

How about this unique gift? It will require some preparation on your part. Spend some time putting together a scrapbook for her. Talk to her friends, put some pictures of her with anecdotes, take out old family albums and cut out pictures of her as an infant, toddler, and preschooler. Add some song and rhymes she used to like and which she likes now. She will surely appreciate your work and you will gift her memories for rest of her life.

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