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Designing a perfect bedroom for married couples

We all require a comfortable and a good bedroom but designing a bedroom for newly married couples demand a lot more attention and detail. They are the ones who need serenity and secrecy, and an atmosphere that allows them to dive deep in the sea of romance with each other.

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Some people find it very difficult to get the hang of an ideal romantic look and feel for their bedroom, and sometimes even the big brand names or the designers fail to satisfy their desire. Well, it is all about finding inspirations from things around that help making a perfect bedroom. Following are such inspirations you can consider in order to come up with a perfect romantic bedroom:

Do your homework or hire a pro

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People today prefer putting their own ideas into practice, as in they find it better to design things themselves rather than hiring or copying someone else’s designs. If you belong to this category of people, then you will design your room as per your creative mind and if not, then you better do complete research and pick the best ideas from the internet. However, in case, you are still hesitant to go with any of these options, you may click for more info for ideas already curated for you. Last but not least, you may hire professional designers and let them design a romantic room for you and your partner.

A comfortable and stylish bed

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Bed designed for a romantic bedroom has to be comfortable enough so that both the partners can enjoy their intimate moments without any discomfort, and the fancy bed frames serve the purpose of enhancing the beauty quotient of the bedroom.

Consider the width and length of the bed, so that it suits both the partners well. The mattress has to be perfect, choose a foam that is quite capable to withstand the vibration, noise, and echoes, and the one that takes the shape of your body, thus, making intimate experiences on bed all the more enjoyable.

Add a fireplace

Add a fireplace

Fireplace is one ideal addition to a bedroom that you want should have a higher romantic factor. Fireplaces look extremely sensuous in a couple’s bedroom, especially during winters. You can get those modern fireplaces installed as well, which are electric so you need not worry about the smoke and all.

Photographs of two of you

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You ought to have a great photograph collection of you and your partner together right from those initial courtship years to present day. Handmade collages look fabulous with short and witty one-liners beneath every photograph, or you can get those readymade collages as well. But some fancy photo frames and hang pictures of both of you on the walls, or keep them on the shelves. This helps a couple to stay in touch with their past years of togetherness and kind of motivate them for some superb togetherness in the coming years.

Neutral Colors look best

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Painting the entire room in either a feminine or a masculine color does not work out in this context, as it a room that a couple shares, so no question of painting the room in a color that is gender specific. Neutral colors work best in bedrooms of couples, like green, beige, white, or brown. If you feel these colors look too boring, you can always go for an accent wall with a darker tone.

The term romance means different to everybody and every individual and couples have their personal romance likings, as in what sort of interior decoration they like to be there in their bedroom and all. However, having a basic knowledge regarding a romantic bedroom décor can help you design a perfect bedroom for you and your partner.


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