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Design ideas for ceilings at home.

All of us put in a lot of creativity and hard work in designing our homes. Not only the walls , the ceilings too must be given equal importance while designing a room.

Here are a few basic ideas which will help in designing the ceiling of your home. fusion

This type of ceiling is perfect for kitchens. Soft and muted colors used in this type of ceiling lends  a very soft look to the entire room. A coffered oak ceiling  when combined with a circular tray  will definitely uplift the ambience of any dining area. This will have a very positive impact on any one who visits this area of your home.

2.coved ceilings

This coved ceiling will add an element of  elegance to the  otherwise clean lined space. This type of ceiling is like a cosmetic change . this means that the basic structure will remain the same . only it will be upgraded so that it looks more contemporary. There will a mixture of soft and glowing lights. The overall look will be very  sophisticated.

3.Salvaged look

In this type of ceiling decorative beams are used  which are made to look old by a instant technique of aging. It will add a very rustic appeal to the open dining room. One can try it get this look by collecting  rough beams and then  paint them dark brown and finally apply white wash to get a vintage look.

4.Vaulted ceiling

This ceiling which is  steeply vaulted and is finished with white wood planks makes the room very bright and  airy. This is best suitable for bedrooms. If the room has the top view of garden then this is the best ceiling that this room could have. It makes the room look more spacious.

5.ceiling beams

With clean and white walls , this type of ceiling offers the perfect balance between  modern day elegance and the simplicity of the countryside. A partial wall is constructed so as to differentiate between the upper living level areas.

6.Coffered ceilings

It is a very traditional way of ceiling . It is best suited for those homes which have white walls .  The mill work is painted totally white  so that it is perfectly in sync with the rich wood tones of the expensive furniture and the beautifully crafted countertop. It is best suited for the kitchen .


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