On a date with spouse at home

It must be a common problem for every parent that after birth of kids, there was no time available to go out on date with spouse. You actually have to stress on your mind to realize when was the last time you went out on a date. Responsibilities double up when you become a parent with work pressures and household chores taking their toll on you. But actually, most of us forget that it’s more important than anything else to take time out for our spouse, as a relationship needs time and space. So, if you are desperate to go out on a date and are planning to call the babysitter, hang on for a moment. We can be of help, 10 tips for at home dates is coming your way.

1. Start off with a nice bath

Taking a bath together can arouse your romantic side in a moment. A nice bubble bath with aromatic candles surrounding the place builds the correct ambience for you. Rub massage oil into each other and before plunging into the sea of love, say cheers with a glass of sparkling champagne.

2. Fashion show

Turn on the mood of your spouse by planning a nice fashion show. It may seem bizzare, but this fashion show does the trick for you. Take care that your kids are off to sleep. Then, dim the lights of your bedroom and search through your wardrobe to find some sexy dresses that is sure to blow his mind away. Let him judge which look suits you the most.

3. Wine hour

It’s your own sweet time which would be incomplete without a toast. So, raise a toast to your love life with your classic range of wines. Make sure you have chocolates, fruits, cheese and crackers in store.

4. ‘Home’ theater

If your couch is small to fit in two persons, don’t worry, because get all ready to cuddle up together under a warm single blanket so that you two are drawn closer to each other. Search through your DVD collection to get hold of your common favorite movie and ensure you have a bucket of popcorn. Relive your old college romance.

5. Sweet dish

The last meal of your day might bring you more close to each other. Let the sparks fly between you two, and no need to prepare a sweet dish that consumes whole lot of time. Just take care that it contains two of the passionate love ingredients strawberry and chocolate. The reason, molten chocolate tends to flow away from your mouth. Reason enough to get cozy.

6. Play play play

It’s game time, choose any game that would stir you both up as say Strip or Dare, or maybe a round of love cards can help. Get close to your spouse by playing with him/her the whole night.

7. Dance till you drop

It must have been a long time when you both haven’t shaken a leg together to some nice music. But to turn on the heat, drift the nice music away and welcome passionate dance forms as salsa and rumba which will ensure evident contact with your partner on the dance floor. Once, the mood sinks in, there will be no stopping both of you.

8. Read on

Try to settle yourself by the fire with your love and make sure the fire in your heart isn’t blown out. Read any naughty book that will give life to the darkest desires of your heart and with the lady/ man of your life by your side, this formula is a no fail formula of finding love and romance.

9. Cook and stir

Try rustling up a storm between both of you by convincing your spouse to cook with you. As soon as the kids are asleep, rush in to the kitchen, but make sure you make no noise otherwise your kids will wake up and your night date will be disturbed. So, cook anything that both of you love to eat and frequent hand and eye contacts will do the rest of the job.

10. Dream date

Your Dream Date is waiting for you to catch on with him. Have a midnight heart to heart talk, discover what’s going on in his life and what you are planning for future. Nothing works like the midnight talk. It will enable both of you to pour your hearts out in front of each other.

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