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All time favorite Bedtime Stories for kids

A child wants to spend cozy time with parents after a busy schedule of his parents. Whatever parents tell in the story, the child tries to correlate it with his life and surroundings. The kind of stories we tell to our children forms an impact on their heart and mind. We can say that it helps in framing the mindset of a kid to a certain extent. Children also form a habit of reading books, correlating pictures with incidents and many new things. So, it’s important for every parent to tell at least one story to their children every night. But, the question arises, which type of stories we should tell to our kids? We should tell stories which convey good lessons to our children and help in the formation of good habits. There are a number of books which convey beautiful messages.

Few popular bedtime time story books for kids are mentioned below:

1. Panchtantra

It is one of the most popular compiled Indian fables. Panchtantra is a collection of short moral stories teaching the five methods that are required for us to get success in life. ‘Pancha’ means five and ‘Tantra’ means strategies. It contains a number of stories which give a good moral.

2. Good night

The book is written by Elizabeth Coatsworth. There are several interesting stories that tell us about how the sun sets and the night is welcomed with stars. Children enjoy listening to what happens when the whole world is asleep. The kids enjoy the end of the tale very much which holds a pleasant suspense for them.

3. Boy who wouldn’t go to bed

The author of this book is Helen Cooper. The tale talks about a boy who never liked going to bed especially in his summer holidays. In the story he wants to stay awake whole night, even when everyone else in the world sleeps. Helen Cooper succeeds in convincing children that we should rest and sleep at night. It is very important for everyone.

4. Tell me something happy before I go to sleep

The book is written by Joyce Dunbar which tells about how Willa copes up with the fear of having a bad dream when she sleeps at night. Willoughby, her brother helps her to overcome the fear by telling her good things. The book teaches kids that after every night there is morning waiting for everyone which brings joy and happiness.

5. Goodnight moon

It is one of the favorite night time stories of children. The author Margaret Wise Brown tells how the rabbit does bye to night moon, twinkling stars, fresh air and everything else in his surrounding. It teaches children about preparation before sleeping in a proper manner.

6. Moon rabbit

The book is very well written by Natalie Russell. The story is about a little rabbit who is in search of a person who is exactly like her. But she finds rabbit Brown who was totally different from her and even then they became best of the friends. The book helps in teaching children to develop friendship among different kind of persons.

7. Goodnight lulu

It is one of the story book liked by kids very much. It is written by Paulette Bogan. The thrilling story is about a littIe chick Lulu who asks her mom about demons and devils. It helps the parents to let their child overcome with the fear of darkness and demons.

8. Good night, gorilla

The amazing story book is compiled by Peggy Rathmann. It makes children happy when they find that the zookeeper waves bye at night to all the animals in the zoo. The story turns as the Gorilla in the zoo gets the key of the cages of all animals. All of them head towards zookeeper house and wave him good night as the light goes off.

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