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Updating your room dramatically needs a fresh coat of paint. However, choosing the most suitable and trendy color always proves overwhelming. The more suitable your wall color is, more excellent the look of your room would be. Therefore, selecting and working on some of the useful tips to do that should always be considered. This article would provide you an insight of such tips.

Wall color tips

The paint chip color is usually much more intense whenever it is painted on a larger surface of the wall. Moreover, the darker colored chips would definitely look darker while placed on a wall and the lighter would give a lighter look. Therefore, it is really important to match the color of your choice as closely as possible to that of the painted chip color. This would definitely give excellent and versatile looks to the wall. Having done that, the next step would be to look for earthier versions or even the lighter shades of the same color. This would provide a spot on as well as sophisticated choice of the color. If you have to select the darker shades, go for colors which are two to four shades lighter than the original. In order to keep the color look alive, for lighter shades, generally a darker or earthier color needs to be selected.


There is always a glowing effect when one selects the clear or bright colors as they reflect a lot of light. In order to get rid of this, one should try and look for shades and colors that are a little bit earthy and even gray. For example, if you are going to choose the blue shade, just go for some which reflect silver or even a gray color hint. For the same reason, if you are selecting the green color, go for brown or olive tones.

In order to achieve that perfect shade during the very first use, it is always advisable to brush out samples of different shade choices on each wall of the room. Then have a keen look at them, at several instances during the entire day. This would give you the actual vision of each color with the changing light throughout the entire day. Having a look at the sample patches to different rooms also helps in deciding the best suited shade for your room walls. There are various companies which sell sample sizes from their collection of colors so that the customer becomes fully satisfied with the choice of the wall color before committing for one. However, one should always limit the sample choices to just four or five, in order to avoid confusions.

Always use a tinted primer, prior to coloring the wall with the shade selected. This process comes with minimum effort and excellent results. For changing the colors from one different shade to an entirely different one, for example, from white to red, applying the primer can really cut down the lengthy process as well as the cost associated, by reducing the paint coats onto the wall surface.


Selecting and turning your room walls into the best and most suitable hue has therefore become a trend nowadays. This not only enhances the looks of the entire household but also reflects your inner feelings and choices of the blend of colors.

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