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Birthday fun within your budget

Birthdays are surely a reason to celebrate. Arranging birthday parties for your kids can be memorable parts of their growing up years. And when your birthday bash comes up within the budget, its like a cherry over the cake. You need not dig out big bugs from your pocket every time you throw a birthday party. It is possible to have a party at home and that too cherishable one. Her is how you can arrange a birthday party on budget.

1. Special birthday cake

Topsy turvy cakes (also called mad hatter or whimsy cakes) are great fun. Bright and colorful and sometimes oddly sophisticated and glamorous, these crazy tipsy desserts will delight and amaze party guests. These cakes are made when layers are cut diagonally and stacked to give a fun unbalanced look. Bake a good cake at home or order one from the store.Take ideas from the birthday kid like what frosting he or she wants and which cartoon character they wanted on the cake.

2. Birthday dress

This is what birthday is about,wearing a brand new dress. Let the kid choose for herself what she wants to wear. Girls generally like pink and boys like blue.So keep that in mind and shop accordingly.

3. Celebration at school

Who does not want to celabrate birthdays at school. Let your kid distribute candies, story books, pencils, crayons etc.

4. Birthday party

This part is what the kid waits for the day. To invite your kids friends and have a small party kids style. Let them have a theme party or ask them to dress and come like in a fancy dress competition

5. Games

This is a must for a kids party. Let the children play stuff like musical chairs, hide and seek,scrabble etc. Coloring or decorating a birthday banner could be fun as guests arrive.

6. Story time

Most kids are thrilled when an adult or teen reads a party-themed book to them.

7. String a necklace

Children are provided with heavy white quilting thread on which they can string fruit loops, cheerios or some other snack with a hole.

8. DVD

For a little and quiet rest time, children can watch a short show that goes with the party theme while cake or lunch is prepared. Little ones enjoy simple games like ring-around-the-rosy, duck duck goose, musical chairs, hot potato and simon says etc.

9. Food

Prepare some simple but tasty foods like shrimp stir fried,biryani etc. There are many toddler snacks to go along with party themes. For instance, goldfish crackers for an ocean or fishy party, gummy worms for a bug or garden party, animal cookies or crackers for a zoo or other animal theme, or any colorful snack or candy for a rainbow party. Healthy snacks can include apple slices with dip, crackers, mini muffins, small cheese slices, and other finger foods made for children. To save money, making peanut butter and jelly, tuna, or other “finger sandwiches” is relatively cheap. Kids generally like healthy homemade salad or kabobs featuring banana chunks and favorite fruits. Do not forget the dessert like ice cream,apple tarts, chocolate mousse.

10. Gifts

Kids love them. Pack some return gifts with goodies like color pencils, crayons, fancy goodies, stuffed animals, puzzles, masks, key chains etc.

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