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Beijing to install windmills, time for greener Olympics?

Beijing is about to host a greener Olympic games in 2008. In order to provide environmental hazard free power supply, China is installing around 33 windmills in the outskirts of the country in order to provide greener power supply. The mammoth project will cost approximately $76.69 million and will provide around 100 million kwh of electricity per year and will certainly help to curtail down the use of hazardous coal based generators, which are in existence till now. Aiming to cut down the carbon dioxide emission by at least 10 million tons per year, this project is expected to be completed by the inauguration of Olympics 2008. At least 20 percent of the Olympic venues will use this hazardless power supply during the competition. Commenting on the entire thing, a govt official said,

Beijing has never had any large windmills before; much less wind-power stations…Wind power could arouse people’s awareness of energy conservation and environment protection


Olympics always bring tremendous infrastructural and administrative challenges to the organizing country. Millions of people traveling in from almost all parts of the world, a gradually increasing chaos, and in all sense severe damage to the environment. The waste products left by the tourists become a matter of severe concern and the organizing country needs quite a some time to have a complete control over the entire situation. China has been into highlights several times recently for its poor handling of environmental issue, so the extra pressure on its weak point could have lead the equilibrium to collapse. In that retrospective, this will be a certainly very much welcome step taken by Chinese energy officials.

Using energy sources like wind, water, sunlight etc are being popular these days. These are definitely hazard free, and do not require any fossil source of ignition. They actually serve dual purpose. First, they dramatically bring down carbon dioxide emission graph of a certain area, and secondly, the natural resources remain safe, and can be used in other more important works. Thus these plants are known as clean power plants, which are taking a fast pace these days. By introducing these clean and greener power plants China is about to set an example to all Asian countries. The faster we all adopt the concept, the more we will be able to advance towards a cleaner and greener environment.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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