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Atlantic Ocean currents-triggering climate secrets deciphered

instruments being deployed during an ocean voyage The ocean currents, winds and storms dominate the climate of Europe as a whole. So is also the case with other regions of the world, with climates being defines majorly by the ocean currents. But, with the increasing trends of the devastating global warming, the future-concerns for the gruesome aftereffect-worries are also gaining importance.

And, to successfully detect the climatic changes related to global warming, scientists need to know the moods of the oceans, importantly the ocean currents. In a bid to study the currents, scientists have for the first time painted the detailed picture of Atlantic Ocean currents – a prediction-tool for Europe’s climate.

A UK-led team reveals that the Atlantic’s circulation varies significantly over the course of a year. According tot eh study, the Atlantic circulation pushes warm water towards Europe. This is responsible for keeping the continent 4-6C warmer than it would otherwise be!

Unlike the previous studies based on historical records — raising concerns over the data’s not being robust enough for providing a clear-cut conclusion – the new study, is claimed to provide a real-time picture of water flows inside the ocean, which means ‘from top to bottom and side to side’.

This new study may be a future tool in observing the forthcoming climate change-trend of a region.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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