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Arrange your DVDs perfectly on shelves


<![CDATA[Well guys and gals, life is all about arranging yourself! All the sermons will preach you that, but what about your homes? But what about arranging your homes, including the minuscule CDs or DVDs setups? You have an array of decorative DVD shelves which come in all shapes and sizes to dazzle you, and give elegance to your home settings. Have a view of the five we found most interesting.

Atlantic Wave 74 DVD Wave

The name is descriptive enough, as it shaped like a wave.And it can sit pretty in any corner of your house. It has its own style statement, coming with black colored rods and base wood of cherry wood. With its dimensions of 51.2 x 7.5 x 11.0 inches it has the holding capacity of 72 DVD cases.

Dinosaur DVD Rack

If you want to add antiquity to your homes, get the reminiscent dinosaur’s shaped CD rack. Made up of solid steel, it has as much solidity written over itself as any dinosaur which has walked on this earth. And coming in white color with the dinosaur teeth, and its whole body uniquely carved it is a masterpiece of art.

Wall Mounted CD Rack

Forget the Ironman for strength, and get this stainless DVD holder which can behold more than 100 CDs. It has an added advantage, as you can mount it onto your walls. With its dimensions of 45.7” height x 14.2” width they ensure good storage capability, and add elegance to your interior decoration.

Tonino Lamborghini

This is an Italian rack which gives your drawing rooms a decorative elegance, and functions the way it is meant for, holding your DVDs. Its elegant design makes it worthy of your gifting options as well. It may hold lesser DVDs, but it more about style and its elegance.

Glass CD/DVD Rack

Innovations have no limits and that carries on to your DVD stands, and this glass piece of magnificence is a marvel which comes with dimensions to hold more than a whooping 700 DVDs. To give it a more solid look is its metal stand built for endurance.

Duoplane DVD Shelf

Well, say cheers to this new innovative way of holding your DVDs. The shelves are more than efficient to hold as many as 75 DVDs. Made up of Bent steel and topped with powder-coat it comes to durability. And it can hold your DVDs both horizontally or diagonally. Coming with magnificent colors and dimensions of 35” long, 8”high and 6” deep it is a marvel in itself.


Different people having different views, check out the definition of a good DVD shelf for yourself, as you have array of choices at your hands, pick one and let it glorify your taste sense.]]>

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