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Hi tech musical pillows to soothe your slumber

<![CDATA[Technology is definitely redefining the way our life. If you want further proof, check out this innovative piece of invention, the very special musical Hi-tech pillows. You don’t have to plug your ears with iPods, or CD players, for these fantastic pillows come within building music players with speakers. Unbelievable? Nope, you better believe it and check out the best 5.

Boombox speaker cushion

Self explanatory, this piece of innovation is shaped like a boombox, and it is a great way to go into a deep slumber. The cushion can be plugged-in to a MP3 player, and as a matter of fact it works well with any MP3 player which has a 3.5mm jack socket. It is battery operated with 3AA sized ones giving it the boost. Its equalizer panel in front illuminates when the music is on.

Mu space pillow

This is another one to steal your hearts, though it is still in its development stages, but its looks have elegance written over it, and is all set to win you over. Uniquely designed by Yuan-Hao Tsu and Lin Tzu, it is light weight and easy to carry around. If looks can deceive, this is one, housed inside a carry case it has the features of an MP3 player, boombox, sleep pod, etc.

Penguin music pillow

This is a cute piece of work, and comes shaped as a penguin’s face. You will have to make a big decision whether to put your head over it, or nestle it by your side and lull into sleep. It has options to be connected with a 3.5mm jack and listen to music. It is one your kids will go to, and will serve the purpose of sending them to blissful sleep.

iPod speaker pillow neck

This iPod speaker pillow is rectangular in shape. It comes tagged with a neck pillow as well. The speaker pillow resembles an U2iPod, its attraction includes a wheel design which is double scrolled. These pillows have two built-in speakers which can be attached to a music player. It is clothed with soft fleece material, and stuffed with therapeutic foam.

iPod/MP3 travel pillow

This one you can squeeze in around your neck and it gives you adequate support. It has a soft surface which provides your neck with all the comforts it needs for going to sleep. Coming in U shape, it will be more than handy while travelling. It has two speakers which can be plugged to an iPod or an MP3 player.


The pillows have finally come of age. Make good use of them, as apart from giving you the comforts to lull you into sleep, they provide you with melodious music as well.]]>


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