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Armoire buying guide for homeowners

With the ever-increasing space issues, it is of utmost importance for homeowners to opt for the right kind of home furnishings to make the most out of the available space. One of the best ways to solve storage challenges inside the home is by placing an armoire inside every room of your home. Armoire, also known as wardrobe, was initially used to store weapons and arms, but with the passage of time, people started using armoires to store clothes and other household items. Bedroom armoires are a popular trend these days. An armoire is a tall cabinet that comes with drawers and shelves to suit your space needs and reduce the clutter.

Whether you need to store your clothes, jewelry, computer or other A/V equipment, there is an armoire in the market for everything. While buying a new armoire, you need to consider the preference of use and the space available.

  • Wardrobe Armoires:

Wardrobe style armoires are a great solution to store your clothes, and there is a wide variety of wardrobe armoires in the market and you can choose accordingly to complement your bedroom furniture.  You can also use a wardrobe armoire to store your towels and bedding in your bathroom. In the bedroom, you can place your make-up items on one of the shelves in the armoire. When buying an armoire for your bedroom, consider the décor. Armoires in dark wood finish with luxurious hardware and elegant artwork can add to the overall décor of your bedroom. An armoire can also be used inside the kitchen to store your dinnerware in an elegant way.

  • Jewelry Armoires:

The jewelry armoires are smaller than the wardrobe armoires, but enjoy the same allure and functionality. Offering a neat solution to store your jewelry and other valuables, the jewelry armoire mostly includes a door-mounted or hidden mirror. Available with lockable doors, the jewelry armoires, available in stylish designs and models, store and protect your jewelry in a stylish manner.

  • Entertainment armoires:

TV armoires or the entertainment armoires have been quite popular with the homeowners for years now. Entertainment armoires hide your TV behind its doors and other A/V equipment elegantly and have holes in the back to house the wiring. Most entertainment/TV armoires in the market come with dedicated shelves and drawers for your TV, DVD players and other media stuff. While buying an entertainment armoire, make sure it fits your TV size perfectly.

  •  Computer armoires:

Computer armoires help you to manage your computer clutter and offer you a clean workspace. A computer armoire accommodates your computer, printer, mouse, keyboard and other accessories. Most computer armoires look like normal cupboards with large double doors. There are holes to take care of wire clutter. Available in a range of sizes, colors and materials, you can choose a computer armoire to suit your style and needs. The computer armoires are a great option for home offices in urban settings where space comes at a premium.

  • Armoire Buying Tips

1. While buying a new armoire, consider the room size and the area where your wish to place it. Choose one that doesn’t take too much of the space and blends into the existing décor.

2. Modern or traditional, decide the style of your armoire beforehand.

3. Keep in mind the purpose for which you need an armoire. This will ease the buying process.

4. Consider the storage an armoire offers, including the number of drawers, removable shelving and the total storage space.

5. Last but not the least, fix your budget and stick to it. Crosscheck prices online and from the local furniture stores.


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