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Amid all concerns, Wal-Mart plans to intro its ‘Green’ label

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Wal-Mart has lately disclosed its intent to unveil an environmental labeling program to ensure that the products hitting its shelves are eco-friendly. Accordingly, it’s going to introduce the eco-labels on Thursday itself. The company will urge manufacturers to adhere to the clean, green and sustainable practices in production and furnish info on the environmental costs of the products and greenhouse gas emissions as well. Wal-Mart will further rate those products intrepidly with no exemptions.

Defining green might take some time:

John Fleming, Wal-Mart’s Chief Merchandising Officer, says:

I envision the day that you look at a piece of apparel, you flip a tag over, and learn about how sustainable it really is. It would be like nutritional labeling is today. But there is some standardization that needs to take place.

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Now, it might appear that its shoppers will be in a better position to analyze what goes into the making of these products via the new ‘sustainability index’. Even, they’ll start seeing it as the most perfect labeling or an all-conclusive national measure. However, it’s not so. There are a couple of (may be more) reasons for this.

First, Wal-Mart isn’t sure on when the labeling becomes a breathing reality. It may take two to five years; maybe more than this. Second, imprecision prevails on the looks these labels might come with. Though some may praise the direction it moves in, the manufacturers will doubt it still. Ultimately, they’ve to bear the price. Amid such hazy concerns, it’s not clear how Wal-Mart will label the electronics and other commodities.

Hope Wal-Mart emerges as winner!

It’s quite perceptible that the company has a firm grasp over the US market. Moreover, it’s influential enough to dictate terms upon its associates. No doubt, the rating will invite certain criticisms on points already discussed above, still they favor environment and seek to bring down the ever-rising emissions. That is what we’re more concerned with. Along with the kind of green moves i.e. stores equipped with solar panels, use of wind power and the fuel-efficient carriage, I hope Wal-Mart makes it big this time also.

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