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Amazing shoe clip designs to get the hang of

Women love to collect almost all types of shoes, in every color, and pattern. Sometimes it happens that such women fall for a particular pair of shoes but after two or three times of wearing them, they start finding them to be boring and no more interested in their looks.

They do not feel like getting away those shoes because at some point in the past, they had fallen for them but now they crave for some newness and interesting feature that restores their liking and desire for those shoes. Thankfully, today there is one way that helps us bring the much-desired newness to our old shoes and that is through shoe clips. Scroll through to find out some latest and glamorous shoe clip trends you can follow to make those plain old pair of shoes new and interesting:

Retro and Chic

Retro is one fashion trend, be it clothing, bags, makeup, or accessories, it hardly goes out. This wondrous trend you can see in the shoe clips also, which looks simply loveable. Retro and chic styled shoe clips can give you old pair of shoes a classy look, and a sophisticated look to your modern shoe. Under this style, you have ample of options to choose from, depending upon your liking. One very famous design under this category is the “Harly Shoe Clips.” It is a design wherein thick gold chain trims surround a black center. They look the best on black shoes, and look good on other colors as well.

The Butterfly fetish

Many people, especially women have a fetish for butterfly patterns, which they love to have on their ensembles or the accessories they use. Butterfly shoe clips go with any attire you wear but the ones donned with rhinestones give a beautiful sparkling look that is ideal to go on a bridal shoe. One butterfly design comes in clear crystal that looks amazing on all shoe colors and goes well with all dressing styles. Some more types under this category include butterfly shapes with colorful stones and crystals to match every occasion and style.

Beautiful flowers

Flower shoe clips include flowers made of multifarious materials and shapes. One material used to make flower clips is satin, and satin flower shoe clips look fabulous on sandals, bridal shoes, and pumps. Satin clips are not only to be used on shoes but they look extremely classy when worn on hats, coats, and scarves. One more type is “Calista shoe clips” that look apt for casual everyday look, and look equally good on heels and flats. Some more flower shoe clips make use of ribbons, net, and velvet to add a more sophisticated look.

The feathery touch

The feathery touch can actually change the entire appeal of a particular shoe, as they look so pleasant whether you place them in the side, front, or the back of your shoe. You have a wide assortment of feather shoe clips to choose from. You can pick a clip that is all feather and nothing else, and a clip that is a combination of feathers and some small rhinestone or crystal studded design. The pattern and the color of feathers you are supposed to pick that matches well with the color and type of your shoe.

The sophisticated bows

Bows are extremely sophisticated, and when used as shoe clips, they transfer their sophistication and elegance to the shoes as well. Under this category, you can choose from a wide variety of bow shapes and sizes, which of course you will pick to suit the size and shape of your shoe.


Shoe clip is a simple yet extremely effective way that helps revive the gone essence and spirit of old shoes. This is why today many of the boutiques and shoe palaces sell extraordinary shoe clips.


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