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Making the best use of vertical space in your garden

When you create a garden and leave walking trails, there come several points in your garden that may appear blank. This may happen because of a wide vertical space that is left in that area. While your plants may grow and cover some vertical space, these blank areas still give an empty feel. However, you can be creative if you want to make good use of such vertical spaces. Check out some ways you may do this.

Create a vertical garden

When you plan to create a vertical garden in a space, it means that you would grow plants on trellises or garden arbors. In addition to making vertical spaces look good, such vertical gardens may also offer extra space for growing plants. It can be great for those who already hold a limited space for planting their crops. Vertical gardens can also develop nice shady spots in your main garden. This can be quite enjoyable when you have a favorable season.

Further, a vertical garden can hold some special plants like vines that can be used to cover unattractive structures or block an unpleasant view. For example, if there is an irregular landscape feature, then a vertical garden can easily block the view to that landscape. It can also offer more privacy to your living place. Apart from this, gardening becomes easier in a vertical garden and you can decorate it with beautiful plants and flowers of your choice. Even pests of various kinds will not be able to reach your vertical garden. Thus, it is a safer gardening option that can utilize your vertical space well.

Use a standing structure

If your space is not sufficient for developing a vertical garden, then you may make use of some standing structures. You can install some amazing structures like arbors and trellises. You may go for a wooden, vinyl or metallic structure that looks beautiful in the middle of your plants. You may also install such a structure to make it act like an entrance to your garden or as a privacy wall. A standing structure can also act like a piece of art in your wonderful garden.

Develop the space for relaxation purposes

When you use a standing structure like an arbor, you may choose the ones that have accompanying benches and swings. You can also select a style that has an arched roof. While a standing structure provides shade and makes your space cool, you would be able to relax well on these benches and swings.

Add attractive features

It is not necessary that you need to cover your garden using standing structures. If you have vertical space left in your garden, then you may also fill it up with different types of attractive features. While it depends on your own creative thoughts, some of the things to be placed in a space include poles, wheelbarrows, ladders, etc. You may even think of parking an old vehicle in this space. All this can give a unique touch to your garden.

Light it up

If you are thinking of placing some poles in your vertical space, then you may also add some lights on their top. Adding attractive light bulbs may not only beautify your empty space, but may also light up the whole place. Even if you plan to go near your garden at nighttime, these bulbs can guide you the way. You can even use your garden to organize an event if it has sufficient lighting arrangement. Thus, be creative and channelize your ideas to make your garden a fun place.


When there is vertical space left in your garden, it can be designed or covered in multiple ways. The only need is to be innovative with ideas.


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