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A Parent’s Guide to Promote Mental & Physical Wellness

A Parent’s Guide to Promote Mental & Physical Wellness

Moms and dads can do so many things to make life better for themselves and their families. Perhaps the most important role parents play in promoting wellness, both physical and mental. Besides modeling good behavior and wise habits, they can attend to common but essential tasks like teaching proper hygiene to youngsters, making the home safe from intruders, seeing to it that the air is clean at all times, preparing healthful meals, and supporting excellent educational options for college-bound children.

Of course, there are dozens of other crucial duties parents take on, but it’s imperative for fathers and mothers to be worthy role models for attentive young eyes. Kids notice and copy parental actions more often than most people suspect. Consider the following details about how you can create a supportive, safe, happy, and healthy world for your family.

1. Model Good Behavior & Habits

There’s so much talk in the media and academic literature about the importance of role modeling that most parents are sick of hearing about the topic. But the fact remains that the most effective way to instill positive habits in children is by serving as a living example. When mothers and fathers dish out reams of rules and guidelines but fail to abide by adult-oriented social mores, kids sense the inherent hypocrisy of the situation. Being a responsible role model means realizing that your behavior is always on display when youngsters are present. They watch and take cues from your actions, words, and attitudes.

2. Co-Sign on a Child’s College Loan Application

Loan Application

Some parents can’t afford to pay for a child’s college education. Others can afford to do so but choose not to. Whatever your situation or philosophy is on that topic, keep in mind that you can be a cosigner on a student’s loan application. The decision to do so makes good sense. That’s because when you append your signature to the app, your daughter or son has a much higher probability of being approved for the loan.

But the kicker is that, along with the better odds of approval, a cosigned loan tends to come with a lower interest rate. Any parent who acts as an Earnest student loan cosigner automatically improves their child’s college prospects, not only of being able to attend their preferred school but of graduating with a low-interest loan. Helping a youngster get funding for their education dreams gives them the peace of mind that comes with a no-hassle loan and an interest rate they can live with after graduation.

3. Teach Proper Hygiene

One of the most basic kinds of physical well-being is related to personal hygiene. Couples need to be on the same page about how to teach this critical subject. Keep in mind that if you don’t instruct them properly, they’ll fill in the void by either guessing about what to do or getting potentially misleading information from friends. The most effective approach is a proactive one. Be direct and positive when you show your young ones how to bathe, dress, brush their teeth, etc.

4. Install a Security System


Homeowners get security devices for both psychological and physical well-being. Knowing your home is protected from vandals, intruders, and thieves offers peace of mind. Alarms, surveillance cameras, motion-sensitive outdoor lighting, and smart locks also have the potential to protect you and your family from bodily harm. The good news is that the latest security components are priced right and easy to install.

5. Keep HVAC Systems Clean

At least once per year, contact a licensed professional who knows how to clean the heating and cooling vents in your house. Many people skip this essential task and end up with tainted indoor air that can lead to a host of ailments, including frequent colds, influenza, and other airborne maladies. What builds up in vents that aren’t cleaned regularly? In addition to dust, grime, grease, and dirt, heating and cooling vents are breeding grounds for mold and mildew, especially in moist climates.

6. Prepare Nutritious Meals

Preparing Nutritious Meal

No other individual factor affects a growing person’s general health more than the food they eat. You don’t need to be an expert cook to prepare balanced, nutritious meals for your family. Make a joint effort at this all-important parenting chore. Of course, you’ll also want to teach older children how to cook and make wise food choices.

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