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A guide to the best birthday decoration DIY ideas

Mustache straws

Birthdays are special occasions and we all plan on celebrating the birthdays of our loved ones in style. It is easy in today’s times to get everything readymade in the markets, but the charms of handmade decorations are still evergreen. Also often your budgets don’t agree with the grand plans that you have for celebrating the birthday. Here are some DIY party decorations on a budget that will show your efforts for your loved ones and make them feel special on their birthdays.

Before you begin

Most of our ideas would work the best if you plan a surprise for the birthday person and we hope you are because there is no better joy than a pleasant surprise. Also most of these simple birthday decoration ideas at home are eco friendly and we have kept the usage of plastic to a bare minimum.

12 Birthday decoration ideas DIY

  1. Paper flowers:

    Paper flowerRemember how we were all taught in school how to make this cute paper flowers. Time to put that knowledge to good use. You can use colorful papers and craft them your own way to make this paper flowers in various colors. You can even make them using cupcake liners. You hang them from the ceilings and provide a nice decoration to your party arena. Not only you are saving money on fancy decorative but also getting something equally as beautiful if not more.

  2. Pom poms made from tissue papers:

    One of the very simple birthday decoration ideas at home include making these colorful pom poms from several colored tissue papers. This is an easy task and we could have said it to be the homemade birthday decoration ideas for kids. You can hang these pom poms from the chandelier and give the room a fairytale look. Such easy measures will get you a well decorated party arena.

  3. Ice cream balloons:

    Ice cream balloons
    What is a birthday without having balloons! No matter how old you grow, the charm of balloons is never lost on you. But instead of just having regular balloons strewn around the place, we have a better idea. You can make DIY cones and put the balloons inside them and stick those or tape them to the walls. It would look like cones of ice cream and be a colorful decorative. This clearly is your go to idea for DIY party decorations on a budget.

  4. Neon animal garlands:

    DIYs are fun if you get it right, so before planning on this particular idea, we recommend you get some practice. Once ready you can put your skills to use and make this paper cut neon animal garland. You can choose such a material that it would glow in the dark. This would be a kid’s favorite and also a charmer for adults in the party. Enough reasons to make the list of birthday decoration ideas DIY.

  5. Individual cupcakes:

    Individual cupcakesCake and birthdays go hand in hand. You can provide your guests with cute customized cupcakes to provide the personal touch to the party. The tasty dessert will become more special when you combine it with decorations and personalized notes. All you need to accomplish all these are cupcake stands, candlesticks and some small colored notes. You can even make fortune cookies using the same tips.

  6. DIY Photo booth:

    Homemade birthday decoration ideas for kids are incomplete if you do not provide a photo booth to take home memories from the party. Use your DIY skills to good use and use bright colors and other decorative to make this photo booth. Taking snaps will be a fun activity for the kids and you can be sure that it would be a party they would talk about for a very long time to come.

  7. Super sized DIY menu card:

    It’s fun to know for the guests what is on offer for dinner. You can make the menu card a part of your decorations by having a giant menu card which you can write with care. The font can be funny and funky and you can even add the theme of your party on the menu board. If you are looking for simple birthday decoration ideas at home, do not miss out on this.

  8. DIY lighting for the room and gardens:

    You would be surprised how easily you can transform a regular ordinary light to a fancy decorative light through easy DIY. You can wrap colorful papers around the lights and make them colored. You can even dangle the tiny rice bulbs all over the garden making it a picture perfect party venue.

  9. Mustache straws:

    Mustache strawsBirthday decoration ideas DIY should be out of the box ideas. A simple straw with a little bit of your efforts can be made into a mustache straws. Drinking the favorite beverages would now be even more fun for the kids and adults alike. This will also provide a lot of cute pictures for your party.

  10. DIY ice cream cone holder:

    Kids love ice cream but you don’t love them being dropped on your floors! The solution cane a DIY cone holder where the kids can keep their ice cream cones when not eating it. Saves your floors and carpets and also adds to the decorations of the party. Just use a strong cardboard while making it so it doesn’t snap in between.

  11. DIY vases:

    DIY-vasesYou have flower vases but you wonder if they are good enough to be included in birthday parties! Wonder no more and even if they appear the most ordinary, use your DIY techniques to transform it. You can wrap lights around it or color it as you wish. Suddenly you have the perfect party vase.

  12. Falling confetti:

    Confetti falling from the ceiling can be one of the best birthday decoration ideas DIY. It also provides your party arena with this magical ambience and thus is definitely worth an attempt.

Final words:

We hope these ideas were of help in putting a smile on the birthday boy/girl. These birthday decoration ideas DIY are simple enough to implement, not very time consuming and show a lot of efforts on your part. What better way to usher in the birthday. Enjoy your party!

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