10 winter baby care tips for your newborn

baby care tips for your newborn

Your newborn child is one of your greatest causes of joy and all you can do is thinking about his/her welfare. While infants need a lot of care and attention, in the months of winter this needs to be followed up with some special tips and tricks. This is because the winters are vulnerable times for your bundle of joy as she is susceptible to several diseases and infections. Viruses and other microbes thrive in these months and your baby has a weak immunity system which may not hold strong against these. So here are some winter baby care tips for your newborn. Follow this and forget your worries!

Some important winter baby care tips for your newborn

  1. Use the humidifier:

    HumidifierOften it may be the case that you reside in an area which has a harsh cold climate. To address this problem you use a room heater but tend to ignore the humidifier. This can result in a drop in water vapor in the room making it a bit too dry for the infant. To avoid this situation, make it a point to use a humidifier so that the air is not only warm in your room but also maintains the ideal humidity levels for your baby.

  2. Moisturizer is the key:

    When it comes to fall protection for newborn child we cannot stress enough on the importance of using a moisturizer on your baby. The air is too dry for the soft baby skin and to avoid damage pick the best of moisturizers that are suited for babies. Pick one that is loaded with the goodness of milk cream and butter as it helps maintain the soft and tender skin of the baby.

  3. Breastfeed as usual:

    BreastfeedThis is not just a part of winter baby care tips for your newborn but important for the overall health and development of the newborn baby. Mother’s milk is known to have the essential antibodies and nutrition that will help the infant fight diseases and infections in winter. So no matter what the other forms of care may be, this cannot be skipped at any cost.

  4. Do not skip the vaccines:

    Maybe you fear for the kid safety and when he is sick you tend to avoid vaccinations. But that is a very wrong way to go about it. Vaccinations should never be skipped as they are part of a larger well being routine of the baby. You may end up exposing your baby to some serious threats if you stay away from vaccination for any reason; definitely not for winter or winter related sickness.

  5. Maintain your own hygiene:

    If you want to protect from cold pay particular attention to your own hygiene. Often in the process of caring for the baby, people tend to ignore their own and this can be disastrous. You are what your baby is exposed to the most and you must always be at the top of your hygiene game. Always make sure that your hands are washed and clean and that you don’t yourself are suffering from any infection.

  6. Be careful while outdoors:

    You are of course not going to miss out on taking the baby out once in a while to protect from cold. Just ensure that the baby is well covered from his head to toe. Any exposure can lead to uncomfortable signs from your baby and keep an eye out for those. As for the optimum temperature for the baby, remember that if the belly is a bit on the warmer side and the toes are slightly cooler, the baby is doing just fine.

  7. Don’t use heavy blankets:

    You may be surprised that this is a part of winter baby care tips but we will tell you why. While the thick blanket would keep your baby warm, remember that the baby is not capable of removing the blanket himself and this can have dangerous consequences if he somehow manages to pull it over his mouth.

  8. Healthy soups:

    If you have started feeding your baby food apart from the baby food and breast milk then we would heavily recommend a healthy soup as a part of our winter baby care tips. Crush the vegetables and make it into a fine puree before making the soup. Even application of garlic can be a smart choice as garlic is known to have a good effect on the winter ailments. Nourished with the goodness of vegetables and garlic your baby would have a much easier time fighting diseases.

  9. Maintain a warm temperature in the house:

    Especially in the room where your baby is housed, it is important to ensure a warm and comfortable temperature. If your room is in the way of very cold winds it is advisable to keep the windows closed at all times. However ensure that by some means there is adequate ventilation in the room so that your baby can breathe easy.

  10. Ensure comfortable and warm clothing:

    Just make sure that in your quest of keeping the baby warm you do not go overboard and dress him up with more than what is necessary. If the baby is wearing too much of warm clothing it will never get comfortable to sleep. Again a little less will make him susceptible to falling sick. So choose wisely as per the temperatures of the room. Make sure that the baby is wearing gloves and socks as that would help them get a comfortable sleep.

  11. Don’t change products too often:

    From moisturizers to lotions you are using a lot of products on your child. Just don’t stretch it too far and end up using too many brands and products. This is simply because the skin of your baby takes some adjusting to do, every time you introduce a new product and it isn’t the best of ideas.

Final words

We sincerely hope that the fall protection for newborn child will be optimum if you follow these instructions. Like you, we too are concerned about your kid safety and we assure you that there is no way these tips would go wrong. Implement them and have a healthy baby all through the cold months.

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