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8 Gardening tools for kids

Children show an innate interest in their natural surroundings. They love playing in the mud, watch butterflies and flowers, plant seeds and watch them grow. And so gardening for children is fun. Tools make gardening interesting for kids. There are colorful gardening tools available that are downsized for kids. Before handing over a tool to a child it is essential to judge the maturity of the child. It is also advisable that children use gardening tools under adult supervision. A small garden set with hand tools can be good for an initial start. More tools can be added to the garden if the child displays an increasing interest in getting involved in gardening.

Let us have a look at 8 gardening tools for kids:

1. Kid’s Wheelbarrow

Manufacturer: Radio Flyer

This is a wheelbarrow that is scaled-down for kids. It has a durable and molded wheel that rolls easily. The steel tray is seamless with no steel undercarriage and no-scratch edges. It has genuine wooded handles. This wheelbarrow is suitable for children above 1 and 1 ½ years.

Price: $ 29.99.

2. Schylling Little Farmer Garden Tote with Tools

Manufacturer: Farm IQ

This has a sturdy canvas with 10” tote and 7 pockets. This is of a size appropriate for kids. It comes with a spade, a steel shovel and a rake, all with strong wooden handles. It also has a matching water can. Its colour and size no doubt will attract kids, making gardening an interesting activity for them.

Price: $ 15.30.

3. Princess Child’s Metal Watering Can

Manufacturer: Katz Garden Gloves

This all pink metal watering can will surely be a favourite for your little princess for watering her plants and garden. It has pictures of three famous Disney princesses in a heart with roses. A pink stripe trims the bottom of the can. It is 11” long, 4” wide and 6” deep.

Price: $20.00

4. Kid’s Gardening Tool Set

Manufacturer: Toysmith

This set includes a garden rake, a hoe, a spade and a leaf rake. The handles are 27.5” long and suitable for outdoor play. Its dimensions are 8 x 1 x 29 inches. It weighs about 3.4 pounds.

Price: $19.29

5. Childrens Broom – Pink

Manufacturer: Spotty Green Frog

This broom has a sturdy wooden handle and pink bristles. After planting and cleaning it can be used for brushing paths and patios. This is available in two colors, pink and green. The green brooms can be taken as a part of a garden gift set for children.

Price: $12.3897

6. Children’s Trowel and Fork

Manufacturer: Spotty Green Frog

These have wooden handles and the heads are made of stainless steel. These are of high quality, better than many tools made for adults. It for children above 7.

Price: 23.2452

7. Eurogarden Kids Garden Hoe

Manufacturer: Garden Indoors Today

It is a lightweight hoe and is 31” in length. It has a safety tested thick steel head that is brightly painted. The head measures about 6.8” in width and 2.5” in height. Lead free paint has been used on it and the diameter of it handle is 1”. This is suitable for kids aged 4 and above.

Price: $15.95

8. Fiskars Stainless Steel Swoe

Manufacturer: Hayes Garden World

This has a 3 bevel edge design suitable for working around as well as behind plants. It works well in tight situations, improving effectiveness. It has a rubber-coated shaft that is extra-thick and for an added grip, it has a Softgrip handle. It has a hanging hole so that it can be stored conveniently. The head is of stainless steel. This steel swoe comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Price: $38.7619

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