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7 Celebrities who have beautiful green homes to die for

A general misconception is that celebrities are selfish individuals who only work for their own benefits. In sharp contrast to this thought, a lot of celebrities actually take the initiative to help others in need. These celebrities also do their bit to save the environment by opting for as well as promoting eco-friendly homes. Here are 7 such A-listers who have decided to reduce their carbon footprint by opting for green homes.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts palatial home

Image Source : HomesOfTheRichest

Academy Award winner Julia Roberts is best known for her role as a prostitute in ‘Pretty Woman’. The actress is also an active environmentalist and does her bit to keep the environment safe. Case in point; her palatial home in Malibu which features solar panels stretching over three roofs, recycled tiling that lines the walls, sustainable building materials and energy saving appliances that are only a part of $20 million worth green renovation that home underwent recently.

Johnny Dep

Johnny Dep

Image Source : ImagesCi.Com

Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean sure has an environmentalist streak to him that not many know of. The ace actor has actually converted his private residence in the Bahamas into a green zone of sorts. Spending over $500000 in green renovation, the actor ensured that all of the energy needs of his 35 acre hideaway were met by solar-hydrogen power alone.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba owner of The Honest Company

Image Source : MTv.Com

The ‘Fantastic Four’ actress is also the owner of The Honest Company, an eco-friendly retail store. For her home, the actress chose non-toxic VOC free paints. She also insisted on using PVC free vinyl chairs in the rooms and other repurposed vintage pieces as décor. Alba is also an avid gardener and has an impressive vertical garden in her home.

Alicia Silverstone

solar panelled roofing

The ‘Clueless’ star is very particular when it comes to choosing green, eco-friendly products for her home. Her exemplary choices include solar panelled roofing for sustainable power, recycled materials for the walls, décor made of natural materials and energy efficient appliances. The most recent addition to her home includes an efficient heating/cooling system that uses only half of the energy than that of the previous system.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio HOME

Image Source : AmazonAws.Com

The ‘Titanic’ star is an avid environmentalist and is one among the very few celebrities who actually practice what they preach. DiCaprio’s LA home stands testament to this fact. The actor’s grand green home features many eco-friendly arrangements like solar panel installations to generate enough power for the entire home. Apart from this, the actor also happens to be a great fan of organic materials. His home features furnishings like bed sheets, sofa covers and even drapes made of 100% organic materials. If all these were not enough, DiCaprio recently splurged about $3000 to get an energy efficient toilet for his home, thus taking the green movement to a new level altogether.

Orlando Bloom


Taking some good pointers from his good friend Johnny Dep, Orlando Bloom has ensured that his new home in London had all the necessary installations to be billed a totally self-sustainable habitat. Among other impressive green features, the Global Cool Participant’s eco-friendly homes features solar panelled roofing for energy, and energy efficient light bulbs to reduce related costs. While Bloom claimed that the house overshot his budget, it is a known fact that the finished project was well worth the money he spent on it.

Lisa Ling

Image Source : Latimes.Com

Lisa Ling is the proud owner of one of the first Energy Neutral Homes the city of Santa Monica had ever seen. The self-sustainable habitat was built in collaboration with architect Marco DiMaccio who helped bring Ling’s dream of an eco-friendly home to life. The sunken outdoor lounge in the property happens to be one of the main highlights among the many of its other impressive features.

A lot of celebrities are taking the eco-friendly route and taking the necessary initiatives for the same. Their houses are a testament to their eco-friendly way of life.


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