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7 Amazing gifts for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a blessing of God and we should love, honor and respect the pregnant woman. The best way to show your love for someone who is by gifting them gifts which are lovable. Choosing gifts for a pregnant woman is not an easy task. In this article, we are listing down the names of seven things which you can gift to pregnant woman.

1. Prenatal massage

Prenatal message is a very relaxing experience for pregnant woman because it has several physiological benefits for expecting mother. A good massage improves the circulation and oxygenation of the mom-to-be, easing her pregnancy pains and aches. Prenatal massage also reduces swelling. You can gift a gift certificate for prenatal massage to the woman you love by using Internet.

2. Itch-free pregnancy skin care products

Many pregnant women get itchy skin, some even in the early stages of pregnancy. It is likely that the lotions and potions used by your pregnant women friends are filled with junk, which is potentially toxic and can cause cancer. You can protect your pregnant women friends from the harmful toxins by gifting them itch-free skin care products designed exclusively for them. These products keep the pregnant women healthy and help them cope with pregnancy in a better manner. Check out the internet to know more about these skin care products and their availability in the US.

3. Non-toxic pedicure

You can gift your pregnant women friend non-toxic nail polish because the conventional nail polish contains high amount of toxins, which are not good for anyone and especially for pregnant women. Priced at $14.99, one such non-toxic nail polish is Scotch Naturals Nail Polish. The water-based color of this polish is 100 percent biodegradable and hypoallergenic. This nail polish contains no harmful chemicals at all. This is a wonderful gift item because most of the women love to keep their nails painted in order to look beautiful and it is the same with pregnant women as well.

4. Due date necklace

You can surprise your woman by personalizing a gift of jewelry which speaks about her pregnancy journey and her eagerness for the due date, the date when she is expected to become a mother. This special necklace features hand-stamped due date on a zinc charm, which hangs from a chain, made of silver. The price of this beautiful due date necklace is $48.

5. A cure to satisfy her cravings

Chocolate is loved by nearly all women and it is a gift, which is always in style. When a woman is pregnant, the level of hormones in her body is high because her body undergoes several changes simultaneously. During pregnancy, a woman can’t drink alcohol, so she should be given enough chocolate to satisfy her cravings. These days many companies manufacture chocolates meant only for pregnant women. XAN Confections is one such company, which manufactures CocoPreggers chocolates for pregnant women. These chocolates are rich in folic acid and DHA, which are necessary nutrients for the proper and safe development of the baby.

6. Chart to monitor belly growth

You can gift Guesstation Belly Chart to your pregnant women friends. Priced at $12.95, this specially-designed chart helps the pregnant woman to track the growth of her belly and other highlights of the pregnancy. This chart hangs horizontally on the wall, unlike the growth charts for height, which are hung vertically. This chart allows the women know more about the pregnancy milestones including “Mind over Bladder” and “Obsessive Consumption Disorder.” On the other side of the Guesstation Belly Chart is a chart which can be used to track the length of the baby. This chart can also be used to track the weight changes of the baby. This chart is a perfect gift item for pregnant women because it provides a lot of information to them.

7. Relief from morning sickness

Morning sickness affects majority of pregnant women, though there are lucky few, who do not face morning sickness. Morning sickness affects the pregnant women throughout their nine months of pregnancy. One of the best gifts for a pregnant woman is a morning sickness relief basket. Preparing a morning sickness relief basket is an easy task. All you need to do is put a can or two of ginger ale in a basket. Add some lemons and morning sickness relief tea in it. Saltines, an assortment of Preggie Pops and Preggie Pop Drops are also put in the basket. These items will help her overcome morning sickness and you will receive her love and blessings.

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