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6 tips to end after school meltdowns

After school meltdown

After school meltdown is very much common among the children. This meltdown is visible in different forms. While some children may look tired, some reacts annoyingly after coming from school, some do not like to speak at all and some may even start fighting with younger siblings. In fact, in some children this tendency continue even when they grow up and start going to colleges. There can be various reasons for this, as a parent it is your responsibility to sort it out. Your child can be the best gift from you to the world if you provide her/him with ideal parenting.

Here are six tips that you can follow to end the after school meltdown in your child.

1. Understand your responsibility as a parent

Most of the parents believe that they do not have any role after sending the child to a best school as per their capacity and arranging for tuition classes. Children, especially during the initial years, go through rapid emotional and physical changes as they start interacting with the larger world. And, this is the time as a parent you need to take utmost care and try to understand the condition of your child.

2. Set an after school routine

It becomes easy when children know what they have to do in advance, so make a routine for them. But, try not to force it upon your children. You should rather make them understand and provide an environment in which they will automatically get attuned to the routine.

3. Monitor diet requirement

During the initial years children requires lot of energy as they get involved into lot of activities and at the same time, they are growing mentally and physically. They require regular protein and calorie input which you can provide by arranging for small doses of high energy food 6-7 times a day.

4. Visit the school

You should visit the school of your children and examine minutely how your child is responding to the various programs in the school. Talk to the teachers for proper feedback and ask them to provide your child with an interactive environment if your child remain lonely or shy for most of the time.

5. Do not force your personality on your child

You do not have the right to force your personality and expectations on your child. While involvement with children is the basic principle of parenting, over involvement could become dangerous. Children need some space as their own in order to develop a distinct personality. You can aid this process of personality development by taking them to places, by avoiding overburdening with expectations and enabling a healthy relationship with other siblings in the family.

6. Consult a psychologist

In case the meltdown continues for a longer period of time, do not hesitate to take suggestion from psychologists as it could be because of some neurological or psychological disorder. Also, it is not possible for anyone to point out common ways in which a child might react to different situations. This is because of the difference in abilities of every child which might be the result of different socio-economic environment in which he/she is socialized with the larger world or because of different health conditions.

Children are born with different level of intelligence, but a child can acquire any level of intelligence over a period of time if he/she is provided with an enabling environment. As a parent you should always, hence, remain upbeat about the prospects of your children instead of quarreling with them when they are young and still devising the ways to deal with the world.

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