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6 Smart home systems that can be very helpful for the elderly

Smart home systems

Smart home systems have changed the way we lead our lives and have great potential to pave the way for an eco-friendly, energy conscious future. However, there is one more highlight of these smart home systems that have not been thought of much till now; their ability to help the elderly age in peace without any hassles. Accordingly, here are some ways in which a smart home system can be of great assistance to the elderly.

Assisting in locking and unlocking doors

Memory loss is a common complaint among elderly individuals who tend to forget or lose their house keys often. Smart locks can provide a solution for this by allowing these individuals to simply tap on a keypad or scan their fingerprints/iris to authorize entrance. These smart locks can also help allow trusted individuals into the home by allowing an elderly person to screen an image or video of the individual at the door before opening it.

Assisting in switching lights on and off

A smart house lighting system allows an individual to switch on and off lights as per the owner’s patterns. The system can gather information about the individual’s daily schedule and switch on overhead lights or lamps automatically at appropriate times. Motion sensors can sense when the individual has moved out of the room and switch off the lights automatically.

Even mattress pressure sensors can trigger the lights to switch on and off depending on whether the individual has got out of bed or is in it. In addition to this, the system can program lights to adjust their level of brightness gradually, thus benefiting those with macular degeneration considerably.

Assisting in controlling indoor temperature

Elderly individuals are more sensitive to abrupt temperature changes. A smart home system can be of use here in programming thermostats to adjust indoor temperature gradually and according to the owner’s preferences. These thermostats can also sense when a particular temperature limit (hot or cold) is reached and switch on the heater or air conditioner accordingly.

Assisting in maintaining health

A smart home system can incorporate cameras to monitor an elderly individual’s health on a continuous basis. The cameras can be embedded in bathroom or bedroom mirrors to let individuals know about their skin color, heart rate and facial expression, etc. The cameras can also come with voice activated mechanisms to remind individuals to perform important tasks or take their regular medications.

Assisting in security and safety

Smart home systems tend to make a home a safer haven for elderly individuals. The system can be coupled with the water supply and stoves to automatically auto-adjust temperature and switch off respectively. Smart microwaves can be used to cook food automatically by using sensors to scan the cooking instructions on the packages.

Fall detectors can help alert a caregiver or a family member in the case an elderly individual falls down. These detectors can also monitor the daily movements of the individuals and send out alerts if there is any abnormality in these patterns.

Smart sensors can be attached to windows and doors to monitor outdoor activities as well as vibrations and movements. In addition to sensing whether doors and windows have been left open by mistake, these sensors can also track damaged windows and doors, and can alert the authorities in case of a break in.

Assisting in providing information to loved ones

A smart home system like the activity daily living system can help monitor an individual’s health on a regular basis and send pertinent information regarding the same to loved ones or a caregiver. These systems will send out escalating alerts in case of any abnormality in the health readings of the individual.

Smart home systems can help elderly individuals lead a peaceful life without any hassles. These smart home systems come equipped with many features that make it easier for these individuals to age in place without worrying about accidents or unforeseen emergencies.

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