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5 New home automation products that make the home smart(er)

Nexia Bridge

Home automation systems have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, what with more and more homeowners opting to install these systems in their homes. This growth has also been catapulted by improvement in the security, reliability, quality and price of wireless technologies. If you are thinking of installing one of these home automation systems, here are 5 new and intelligent products to choose from.

Carrier Cor Thermostat

A comfortable home is defined by the efficiency of its heating and cooling system. Carrier Cor Thermostat is an smart thermostat with intelligent controls that is designed to offer the maximum comfort while consuming less energy for the same purpose. The thermostat’s smart features work beyond manual programming to offer the highest level of efficiency in heating and cooling a home while maximizing savings on energy costs.


Ezcontrol is a home automation system that is designed to make home automation simpler and easier. The system features a centralized unit which can be paired with any and every electrical device in your home. It then allows you to monitor and control these devices remotely from your smartphone.

Ezcontrol is built to adapt to existing controls and technologies used by the appliances in a home. It can easily work with these controls and technologies, integrating them into one seamless app that allows you to control everything from the lights and thermostat to the television and even the garage door.


Hook is an affordable home automation system that works great for owners with a strict budget. The device helps you control inexpensive bulb sockets and outlet adapters via a remote control. The adapters and sockets can be purchased in stores like Home Depot, Amazon and Costco, etc. All you need to do is plug an appliance into the adapter or socket, clone the remote control to pair it with the Hook app downloaded on your smartphone, and then use the latter to control all the Hook bulb sockets and outlet adapters in your home remotely.

Nexia Bridge

Nexia Bridge

The Nexia Bridge is an intelligent home automation system that allows the owner to track, monitor and control the lights, thermostats and locks, etc. in the remotely. The bridge can be paired with any appliance in order to automate it as well, thereby eliminating the need to control the same via a smartphone or tablet.

Sensors installed on the doors monitor movement and open/close automatically while those on the windows communicate with the thermostat when to switch the heater/air conditioner on or off. Location services on the smartphones can also be used to inform the thermostat the exact time when the owner may arrive or leave, thus allowing for the automation of setbacks according to daily schedules.

Oomi Touch

Oomi Touch is a highly intelligent home automation system that acts as the ultimate controller for all the devices in your home. Rather than pairing up with an app on your smartphone, Oomi comes with its own controller device encased in glass, featuring tactile buttons and a fully capacitive touch screen display.

The customizable screen enables you to choose the controls that you use frequently while the tactile buttons help you control everything from the lights and fans to even the television and music system. Oomi comes with 8 sensors and a night vision camera among other features. These sensors are located inside the cube itself, thereby allowing the device to gain a better understanding of your home and its occupants. This, in turn, allows it to customize automation settings according to individual preferences better.

Home automation systems have become quite popular in many households today. In addition to helping monitor, control and automate all the electronic appliances in a home, these systems ensure that they provide the maximum comfort to the user in the most energy efficient manner possible.

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