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5 Window trends

Windows, underrated and underestimated, and yet without them, what would we do?? We would not have been to enjoy the sunset while looking out of it, with a cup of coffee in the hand, we would not have been able to look out at the world outside whenever we wanted to, we would not have been able to do so much, just due to a miniscule window.

There are of course, various types of have been introduced by the modern designing and interior decoration industry. Some of the windows have been a huge favorite with the public at large, and they are what the following lines bring within its scope.

One of the most popular window styles in the modern arena of design is the casement design. It is advantageous in that it provides for a large allocation of space, thus giving you a great view of all that is going on everywhere. At the same time, it has the facility to be opened and thus, allows for a breath of fresh air whenever you need it.

A contemporary of sorts of the casement is the picture window style. The only difference between the two is that the picture style cannot be opened to the outside world. Essentially beneficial if you are always living in an atmosphere of artificial cooling or heating, this window when allocated at quite a height allows you a bird’s eye view of sorts over the entire city. Picturesque, if not anything else!

Of course, it is an era of innovations and progressions in each and every aspect of architecture and designing. Thus, we see today the advent of ever new designs and patterns in the case of windows and their glass. Even the glass material is undergoing rapid changes and advancements. Thus, as of today, we see all sorts of new designs that are talking the market by storm.

We have a new design that is becoming quite popular which is the plain and simple circle, nothing but a sphere that allows you a glance at the outside world. However, the interesting innovation is that put about a hundred of these all over the side of a building and you got yourself a brand new and trendy look.

Apart from this, we have the slider windows that are all in vogue at this moment. Apart from this, we have the glass strip that on a singular basis is nothing as such, but put assimilate enough of these strips and you got yourself a novel design as well as a partial look outside. Part of both worlds.

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