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Five great scientific parenting tips for concerned parents

Bringing up one or more children is not an easy task. As soon as you become a father or mother, your life starts revolving around the little ones and you have to keep their needs in mind before taking any decisions. Life starts moving in a very fast pace and you see them grow up each day. Parents are often worried if they have done enough or done things rightly for their kids. They want to give their best to their children but it is not always possible. Sometimes parents don’t know what the right parenting technique is. Traditional parenting makes them power figures who do not communicate with ease and have to act uptight, but modern, scientific parenting advices parents to feel more open with their kids and treat them like mature humans rather than infantile humanoids, who have to be controlled.

Don’t be pessimistic:

For your children’s sake you need to start acting positively and optimistically. If you are pessimistic then they will pick up the same trait from you and will not find the courage to go ahead in life or claim their share. Being positive makes us more assertive and helps us think more clearly. A pessimistic person cannot see the good things of life and suffers from needless anxiety. Don’t let your children fall prey to your anxiety issues.

Crack a joke:

People bond best when they share laughter. You should not be too stiff necked with your kids. Cracking jokes at your or their expense will help you bond with them and ego issues will not come between you. It also teaches kids that it is alright to be flawed and it is fine if they have some defects. What matters is how good they are from inside.

Take care of yourself:

Resolve the issues you have with yourself as best as you can so you can give your kids the best of you. If you suffer from depression or any other sort of mental disorder or physical dysfunction do not neglect it. Depressed parents are not capable of giving their kids proper attention or care. Get counseling or talk to your trusted ones regarding your problems.

Spend more time:

Buying them expensive gifts will not help you win their hearts. Kids are very sensitive and they would rather go through financial crisis with their parents than get pricey things which do not hold the warmth of love. Make more time to talk, play and do things together. Prepare a meal, plan a party or just talk about their and your day but communicate and be ready to answer their questions.

Imperfect is more perfect:

Some parents pressurize their kids with goals and ambitions which are too high for the children. Don’t expect or preach perfection rather tell them that doing whatever they like with all their hearts is what matters most. Let them know that having little flaws is not a big deal but it is more important to have good values.


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