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5 ways to trim your energy bills this winter

The worst of the winter chill is over and its time that most of us are forced to pat humungous electricity bills yet again. However, with a little clever planning you can trim your energy bills for the remainder of the winter season and ones to come over the years.

1. Use rugs

Homes that have wooden flooring often tend to leak in air and cold through them. Homes with stone or tile floors are also colder as these materials retain more cold. A good way to negate their effect is to lay area rugs over them. These are easier to remove in warmer weather than wall to wall carpeting as well.

2. Get space heaters

If you spend a lot of time in a single room in your home, it might be a better idea for you to get a space heater rather than switch on the thermostat for the entire home. Buy a space heater with a high energy efficiency rating and multiple heat settings to get a room just as toasty as you want.

3. Drape up

Thicker drapes prevent cold air from leaking into the home and also help retain solar heat inside the home at night. During the day, you should keep the east and north facing windows all draped up and shut all window coverings at night to save as much as 15 percent on overall heating costs.

4. Upgrade insulation

If you want to slash as much as 35 percent of your home’s energy bills through the winter as well as the summer, you should really consider upgrading the insulation in your home. The overall cost reduction and long term benefits of this process are worth the hassle for sure.

5. Use instant water heaters

Living without running hot water in the winter may seem just inhuman though using a centralized water heating system that runs 24/7 may not be too cost effective. This is where instant water heaters can really help you out. Even though they don’t get the water scorching hot ever, they still heat the water enough to help you enjoy reasonably hot showers with ease.


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