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5 Ways to make reading fun

Positive motivation is necessary to kick start the reading process. You should choose a bundle of interesting books which you and your child both could read out together. Spend some quality reading time with your child to improvise their reading habit. This routine will gradually lead your child to develop a passion and love for reading. Listed below are 5 points which can make reading fun:

1. Make books a basic thing in your life

Reading should be made a basic habit too like the basic necessities of our life. As we cannot complete our day without eating and sleeping likewise reading must be added to the daily routine of a child’s life. Make sure you have a bookshelf in your home with varieties of books to read. If initially reading becomes a regular habit in your child’s life, it will stay forever.

2. Be a reading buddy to your child

Schedule a reading session in your routine where everyone in the family sits together and read something. Besides that, if you see your child reading alone then join him by sitting next to him with a book of your own. This would encourage your child and would increase the confidence level.

3. Bring stories to life

Try to read out stories which would help your child in real life like stories of animals before your child goes to the zoo, sports stories before you visit some sports activities. Learn to evaluate things in stories to your child which are compatible in real life. Reading of these small stories would teach him a lot in his life.

4. Take it on the road

Books are the easiest entertainment for portability. You can carry a book in your bag anywhere you go. When you are planning a family trip or a day out for picnic or lunch with the whole family, make a habit for your child to carry a book. Either you are sitting in a restaurant or camping out, your child could keep himself occupied by reading in the leisure time.

5. Make a habit of reading out loud

Reading aloud builds vocabulary, concentration level, pronunciation, comprehension as well as a love for reading in your child. It helps to develop the right diction and increases word power. You should also encourage your child to read out loud whether alone or in some family gathering because this in the other hand would boost their confidence. You should schedule a time where you and your child do alternate readings every day.

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