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5 IoT Home Devices that add value to beach house rentals

The modern age is the age of the internet. The time and society that we are living in, is hugely different from the society that we used to live in just 15 to 20 years ago. Back then, one had to pay a hefty price in order to make a long-distance call; video calls were almost a thing of science fiction, and the internet was available and used by a handful of people.

Internet-of-thingsHowever, with the advancement of computers and mobile phones, we witnessed a revolution in technology which changed the way we communicate and connect with each other. As smartphones became more and more common and popular, the internet became a daily necessity in our lives.

Now, we live in a connected world which is always online. Everything, starting from your phone to car to watch to video game consoles to televisions to home gadgets, every little thing is connected to the internet, and with each other. And all of these things together create a beautiful harmonious network, known as the Internet of Things, which make our lives better and easier.

IoT home devices are smart home products which focus on keeping your homes safe, secured, clean and comfortable. They are especially great if you have some beach houses in cities like Costa Rica or other popular destinations which you rent out to travelers.

These IoT devices let you maintain your Costa Rica beach house rentals at a minimum cost and effort and also add value to the affordable beach rentals.

Here are the top five IoT devices which you can install in your beachfront villas, to make your beach rentals more valuable and smart. They will help you keep your Costa Rica beach rentals clean and secured while attracting more and more guests.

1. Smart locks

Smart lock

Smart door locks are one of the best things which you can install in your Costa Rica beach house rentals in order to keep them secured from any kind of unsavory business. These smart locks connect with your phones via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC. They open only when you or one of your authorized users approach the doorway with their smartphone. You can also remotely lock or unlock the door of your Costa Rica beach house rentals, without ever visiting there. You can authorize your guests’ mobiles remotely to access the lock, so there will not be any hassle of physically being there to hand over the keys of your beachfront villa when your guests arrive or depart. And if they forget to lock the door behind when they go out for a tour, they can also lock the house using their phone from anywhere.

2. Smart hubs and controllers

Smart hubs and controllers are an essential part of making any home ‘smart’. These small little devices primarily function as the brain of your smart house. There are various hubs and controllers available on the market, with Amazon Echo and Google Home being the most well-known ones. These smart hubs connect to the IoT and can control almost all the smart gadgets in your house. You can activate these smart hubs through voice commands and ask them to turn on the television or change the temperature of the thermostat or even book an appointment. Installing one of these smart hubs in your Costa Rica beach house rentals will give your guests such a level of comfort and luxury that they will never miss the absence of a concierge while spending their vacation at your place.

3. Smart surveillance cameras

Smart surveillance cameras are the next-gen of surveillance cameras which let you keep an eye on your home even when you are away from your home. These smart cameras send HD quality footages to the authorized user and also keep backups of the footages in the cloud. Installing these cameras on your driveway or your living room will make sure that your guests feel safe while leaving the house for their tour. Apart from security, some of these smart cameras can be used to make your beach houses smarter and automated. For example, if you have smart bulbs installed in your house, some of these cameras can be used as motion sensors to turn the lights of your house on as soon as they detect motion.

4. Smart vents

Another type of great smart devices which will surely add value to your beach house rentals while keeping your electricity costs to the minimum by saving energy is smart vents. Smart vents help cool the rooms of your house intelligently, by circulating the airflow from over-cooled or over-conditioned rooms to other under-conditioned areas of your house. This helps to maintain an optimum temperature throughout your beach house without using too much electricity. It is smart, it saves your electricity bills and it is good for the environment too!

5. Cleaning robots

Cleaning robots are one of the best IoT devices which will surely add a lot of value to your Costa Rica beach house rentals, or any other beach houses for that instance. Beach houses do see a lot of dirt and sand on the floor, as the guests will eventually head to the beach and come into the house with sand on their feet, bodies, hair, feces, everywhere. That is why it is quite obvious that the floors of the beach houses will get dirty quite frequently. Investing in a cleaning robot will make sure it cleans the floor of your beach house rentals regularly, that too in a non-intrusive manner. That way, your guests will be able to enjoy a clean house without hurting their privacy, and you will be able to maintain the cleanliness of your rented property without regularly spending money on hiring a help.

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