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5 habits that can destroy your looks

<![CDATA[So you know that not having enough water, smoking, consuming too much alcohol, not eating right and not detoxing are bad for you, but there are a lot of other bad habits that can ruin your looks and make you look years older.
1. Too many chemicals
Just like using medication for non-existent ailments is more harmful than good, using too many chemicals on your skin when they aren’t needed can also have a bad effect. Using anti-aging creams, bleach, high strength sunscreens, whitening products, oil removing face washes and chemical toners when your skin doesn’t have a specific condition can actually suffocate and ruin your skin.


2. Excessive exfoliation
Exfoliation removes the layer of dead cells sitting on your skin. Exfoliating too often, however, may rob your skin of the still healthy layer of cells and leave the skin exposed to sunrays and pollutants.

3. Downward strokes
Using downward strokes to apply lotions and creams can actually leads to premature sagging of skin.

4. Squinting
If you need glasses but don’t wear them and try to get by with squinting to read or see, you may be inviting crow’s feet sooner than your years demand. Opt for contact lenses if regular glasses cramp your style and don’t be shy about needing a pair of reading glasses- a 45-year old with uncreased eyes and reading glasses is much more attractive than a 28-year old with crow’s feet!


5. DIYing too much
Doing your own brows may seem like a money saver, but it may result in uneven eyebrows over time. If you can’t afford monthly visits to the salon, save up and get professional treatments at least once every three months instead of trying to DIY all the way.

6. Slouching
Slouching may feel more comfy than sitting with a straight back, but it can lead to loosened stomach muscles, a sagging bust line and even a double chin over time.


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