5 Baby skin care tips

When discussions regarding the skin care regime of babies arise, then there are several safety precautions that need to be taken into consideration. Normally the skins of babies are always very sensitive. There are high chances of occurrences of various types of infections. That is why, it is most important for everybody, specially the parents and the nannies, who are involved in taking care of the babies to follow these safety measures carefully while performing skin care activities of the babies. They must ensure that the babies are in hygienic conditions during such times. While some parents rub the skin of the babies roughly while trying to clean them, others might apply harsh scrubbers on the skin of the babies while bathing them. These activities are not at all good for the tender skin of the babies.

This article will provide some tips which can help you to take care of baby skin efficiently:

1. Fight infant acne gently

Most of the times babies suffer from complain of infant acne. If your baby faces the same problem and you want your baby to overcome it then you must always try to keep the skin of your baby clean and dry. Never try to squeeze any acne. It is better to apply some baby lotion onto the affected area as a part of the treatment. The acne will automatically disappear with time. But, if you realize that the acne problem continues for more than three to four months at a stretch and has got worse day by day then you must consult your pediatrician immediately.

2. Considerations during baby bath

Giving your baby a bath is the most vital things for the hygiene of an infant. But, regular bathing is also not good for their health. Such a practice increases the chances of catching cold and formation of phlegm in babies. It is better to give your baby a tub bath, twice a week, until your baby is big enough to start eating solid food. You must try to avoid the use of any ordinary soap during baby bathing. It can irritate your baby’s skin. If you want to use soap while bathing your baby, then you must choose mild and fragrance-free baby products only. But it is better to avoid use of any soap up to the age of three to four months.

3. Ensure cleanliness in baby clothing

You must take special attention towards the clothes which you use for your baby. You should always use washed and cleaned clothes. Unwashed, soiled clothes can create several problems like itching problem, skin rashes, eczema, etc. Avoid making your baby wear damp clothes to keep skin diseases at bay. Always clean the subsequent body part of your baby after your infant urinates or excretes.

4. Keep away your baby from direct sun exposure

Some parents apply sunscreen lotions of brands that are meant for adults onto the tender skins of their babies in order to keep them away from the UV rays. But these types of sunscreen products are very harmful for the babies. They are made up of a combination of various types of chemical compounds. These chemicals can create adverse reactions in the delicate skin of the babies. That is why, it is always better to avoid use of such products for your baby’s skin till he or she is under the age of six months. On the other hand, you must also be sure that your baby is protected from direct contact of the sun. If your baby is over six months of age, then you can use some sunscreen products specially formulated for babies. But before you apply any sunscreen you must consult with your pediatrician on the matter.

5. Keep the lower portion of your baby clean

It is very essential for every parent to always keep the lower portion of their babies clean. Unclean genital organs of the babies can encourage the growth of different types of infections. You must clean your baby with the water and a sanitized washcloth every time you change the wet diaper. The skin of the baby must be totally dry before you make your baby wear another diaper. Sprinkle baby powder on the area to keep the skin dry.

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