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3 Cool green games for kids

Today when every natural resource is on stake, it has become vital to conserve and preserve our nature. Nature has gifted us a lot of things ranging from greenery to ice bergs. It is important to teach our kids the importance of every natural resource and the harmful effects done by human activities. Going green refers to save and help nature by saving its various forms of energies, greenery, resources etc. Kids enjoy these activities as they get involved in so many different activities along with the whole new concept introduced to them. Here are presented 3 cool ‘Green’ games that can make your child more comprehensive about going green concept.

1. Do not hurt me please! I am a plant

This is a unique and a real-like game activity which can idealize what plants actually responds towards mankind insensitivity. There can be 2-4 players in this game. One player will have to act like a plant. He will have to stand still, reaching both hands out and legs little apart. Hands will act out as branches and legs as roots. Now rest of the players will start pulling plant’s parts like fingers pretending plucking leaves. They can also use their hands as an instrument from which they can eliminate the plant by cutting it. They can pretend they are cutting root of the plant. Pulling fingers and pretending root cutting will serve as mankind insensitivity towards plants and trees. In reaction to this, the player playing as the plant will be crying and keep saying, “Do not hurt me please! I am a plant. I save your life. Please save mine’s”. This way, kids will learn that how human harmful activities hurt plants and trees at greater extent. This is an easy and effective manner to achieve the goal of teaching kids .

Careful moves:

  • Make sure kids do not use any real instrument while playing this game.
  • Kids should be gentle while pretending human activities.
  • An adult supervision may be required as adults can explicate several things popping up in little minds.

2. Green Dictionary

This is the game promoting knowledge regarding various human harmful activities and its effects. It is an interesting game and can keep your children busy for a long while. This game includes three steps: Preparation, Game and Result. For this game, preparation should be done in order to make the game interesting and knowledgeable. Decide which areas of going green are supposed to be covered in entire game. For example, fuel deficiency, water crisis, increased number of natural disasters, pollution etc. Based on this, all the players have to recollect as much facts and truths about pre-selected topics as they can. They can do this by getting help of books, teachers, parents, going to a nearby museums etc. Select a wide range of topics to make the game more interesting and full of fun. Preparation can take one or two days. Then decide the day of the playing second part i.e. the game. All players will sit around. This part can be played either by dividing whole players into two or three groups or playing individually. If playing in groups, one group will start asking questions based on pre-selected topics. Another group will have to try giving all the answers. Timer can be set to decide length of the time for coming up with the answer. The group with maximum number of answers will win and termed entirely as “Green Dictionary”.

But if playing individually, make a circle and ask one question at a time to the player sitting next to you. Keep the game on until the questions got finished. At last, the player with maximum or full answers will be rewarded as “Mr. Green Dictionary” or “Ms Green Dictionary”.

3. Spending whole day in crisis

It is a different game demanding for sincerity and patience. Rules are simple: players has to select a theme based on any green topic like water crisis or electricity crisis. If water crisis has been taken for example, players would be instructed to complete their whole day tasks with minimal usage of water. Game duration can be shortened from a day to few hours just to make the children understand the meaning of crisis and the ways they can save Earth. Through this, children will be inculcated by the means they can help their planet by going green. This game needs an adult supervision and direction.

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