Where should you be hiding if the Mayans are right and the scientists are wrong?

The 2012 Apocalypse is coming! If we believe what Mayan calendar says about the apocalypse, the world is going to end at 11:11 pm on December 21 this year, which is hardly a month from now. The end-of-the-world predictions are nothing new, as the human race has witnessed a good share of failed Doomsday predictions a number of times. However, the Mayan Apocalypse is upon us, after all. While I am going to spend December 21 doing my regular job and sleeping on the same bed, Mayan apocalypse believers might be gearing up to find ways to survive the upcoming, most talked about apocalypse.

If you are one of those individuals who think that the humanity just has few more days to live, here are a few shelters you might want to try to survive the apocalypse.

  • Survival Condo

Mayan apocalypse might not hurt you in any way if you happen to live in the Survival Condo, a converted nuclear ballistic missile silo in Kansas. A luxury apartment in this Doomsday-proof structure will cost you $2 million. The Survival Condo has been designed to withstand solar flares, economic collapse, pandemics, terrorism or food shortages. The salient features include 2.5 to 9 ft thick walls, wind turbine, solar panels, hydroponic gardens, military grade security, indoor pools, movie theater, lounge, biometric locks and digital weather station.

  • The Greenbrier bunker

The Greenbrier luxury resort in White Sulphur Springs is home to a massive underground bunker that once served as an emergency shelter for the United States Congress during the Cold War. The highlights include 25-ton blast door, decontamination chambers, 18 dormitories for more than 1,100 people, power plant, ICU and much more. The location of the 112,544-square-foot bunker was disclosed after it was mentioned by The Washington Post in a 1992 article. The Greenbrier bunker is declassified now, but is you fill it with survival supplies, it could serve as a great hideout for apocalypse.

  • Titanic Doomsday Bunker

This gigantic nuclear bunker in West Germany has 17 kilometers of tunnels, which are equipped with all kinds of commodities needed for survival. Taking note of the facilities like lounges, emergency broadcast station, Laundromats, dental care and hairdressers, the bunker was probably made for political elite to spend quality time after destruction for a long span of time. The German government has now declassified the $4-billion Cold War bunker.

  • British MoD’s secret command centre

This bunker, fitted with James Bond-style security devices, has been designed for the nation’s political and military leaders. The three-story building is designed to become the operational hub of Government in cases of any attacks. A bedroom dubbed Principal, which might be used by the Prime Minister, has a simple pine double bed and bedside cabinets. The bunker can house up to 100 people for three months.

  • Silo Home

Located in New York State’s Adirondack Mountains, the Silo Home sits on the top of a former Atlas-F Missile storage facility, which was built during the Cold War. The home above the ground connects directly to a 2-level underground castle of concrete and steel via a tunnel. Earlier a Launch Control Center, it now offers 2,300-square-feet of living space, complete with all the modern amenities. Two 2,000-lbs blast doors further lead to a 50-foot tunnel to reach the actual missile silo, which is a nine-level structure built to withstand a nuclear attack. The Silo Home seems to be a great option to have your own underground bunker, which you can fill with food supplies and other things you might need to survive the apocalypse.

  • Cheyenne doomsday bunker

Here is yet another nuke-proof bunker you might want to stay in to survive the 2012 apocalypse. Built 2000 feet under a mountain just outside of Colorado Springs, the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker has earlier served as the headquarters for NORAD. A 25-ton North blast door leads you to another blast door that connects to the main chambers via tunnels. The Cheyenne Mountain has its own natural water supply and an air filtration system that filters out chemical, biological and radiological agents. This place seems a great option for the Doomsayers to ride out the apocalypse.

  • Raven Rock Mountain Complex

Usually referred to as “Site R” and “underground Pentagon”, the Raven Rock Mountain Complex is an emergency shelter and command control center built by the Department of Defense in the 1950s. Located near the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland, this underground facility can survive a nuclear blast and has enough space to accommodate around 3,000 people. There have never been full details about this site, but this space seems to be one of best shelters to survive the apocalypse.

  • The $10 million Vivos luxury bunker

For those who want to sit out the 2012 apocalypse in luxury, California based company Vivos is offering a $10 million bunker that guarantees you survival from the future catastrophes. The 20,000-square-foot nuclear blast proof underground shelter can accommodate 200 people for up to one year has its own power generation, filtration systems, security devices and medical equipment. If you think that something bad is going to happen next month for sure, you can shell out $50,000 to book your space inside the Vivos.

  • Atlas Survival Shelter

If you cannot afford the $10 million Vivos bunker, you have the $60,000 Atlas Survival Shelter. Sold by Al’s Army Navy Store in Altamonte Springs, the 32×10-foot Doomsday Bunker has been made from a large metal tube.  The Atlas Survival Shelter comes complete with Bunk Beds with under-the-lid storage, escape hatch for emergency attacks, mudrooms with a lockable laser cut interior door, countertops, kitchen with sink, low voltage electric lights, electric outlets and toilet.

  • Deep Earth Bunker

The bunkers from the house of “Deep Earth Bunker” come with multiple blast doors and blast walls, all tested on TV. The bunker doors can withstand 650mph winds and 770 mph debris impacts. They start at 3ft and the maximum depth for an underground bunker is 25 feet. You can also opt for a range of amenities and other security features on a Deep Earth Bunker.


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