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11 Tips to save money on your babysitting costs

The amount of money spent on childcare by the average household in today’s world is mind-boggling. And babysitting expense is a big part of that. Here is a look at how you can keep your financial worries at bay when you hire a babysitter for your kid.

1. Join or start a babysitting circle

Find out if there are any other families in the neighborhood with working parents and toddler kids. Start a babysitting circle or cooperation if there aren’t any already. If there is one, join it straight away. Babysitting circles are a great way to save some cash. However, be prepared to babysit your neighbors’ kids when they are in need.

2. Ask your friends

Ask your friends and neighbors if they know of any good but cheap babysitter. You might get a good bargain. Personal referrals from friends can often times turn out cheaper. In any case, if you have no other option but to hire a company-hired babysitter, never ever pay more than the market rate.

3. Have friends split the cost

Talk to your friends about their babysitting needs. If you find out that their working hours are similar to yours and their kid is of similar age to yours, ask your babysitter to look after the kids together maybe for a slightly higher price. Split the cost and everyone will be in a win-win situation.

4. Ask relatives or family members

If you have relatives or family members nearby then ask them to babysit your kid. Not only will you save huge cash, you will also be fully assured about the safety and security of your kid.

5. Try parent swapping

Parent swapping can be especially effective for nighttime babysitting. Ask your friends to look after your kid when you want to watch that new movie. Promise them next time you will look after their kid when they head out for that Saturday night dinner.

6. Keep away from babysitting companies

Try not to go to the babysitting companies as much as possible. Their fees are abnormally high. Even though you will be assured of the quality provided, the price is just too much to handle.

7. Find out if you can pay your babysitter in bulk rate

Try and negotiate with your babysitter to pay her in bulk rate. If you are lucky enough, she might just agree. Bulk rate can often turn out to be cheaper than hourly rates.

8. See if you can barter your services

Bartering services is another good option to save some cash. Find out if your babysitter is looking for any service. You might get lucky if the babysitter is looking for something you can easily provide.

9. Try hiring college students or neighborhood children

Hiring college students or neighborhood children to babysit your kid is an excellent way to minimize your babysitting expenses. College students and neighborhood children are almost always cheaper than professional babysitters.

10. Develop a good relationship with your babysitter

Try developing a good relationship with your babysitter. This will save you lot of money in the long run. You can try some bargaining if you have a long-time relationship with your babysitter. Apart from that, you can also be rest assured about your kid’s safety.

11. Try adjusting your work schedule

Above all, there is no better way if you can yourself look after your kid. Talk with your spouse and see if you can adjust your work schedule so that one parent is always available. You can also try the option of work-from-home if you cannot adjust your schedule.

Parenting sure can be tough in today’s world with all the expenses associated with it. Try out some of these tips and at the same time find out some of your own ways.

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