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10 Ways to start bedtime stories

Telling a bedtime story to your kids can be a real challenge for some parents. Do you get blank each time you sit down to tell a story to your little one? Have you been stuck in the middle of a story and had no clue which way to proceed with it? Here is a list of some ways to help you start with a bedtime story and also bond with your kids in doing so.

1. Create your own story

Creating a story in an instant can seem difficult as first. But look at the positive side. You don’t have to remember long fairy-tales that you heard way back when you were a kid. The first step is to create the central character and weave the story around him. Look for inspiration from the incidents around you. You must have a funny office colleague, or an interesting aunt who can be your inspiration.

2. Keep it simple

Even if you are a gifted storyteller who can weave stories with intricate plots, don’t try it with a kid’s story. Kids don’t have long attention spans and will soon lose interest. Remember the idea is to make them enjoy the story, not to make them struggle with keeping track of the twists in the tale.

3. The basic format

Remember the basic format for all stories is almost the same. There is a central character who is essentially good. This person faces some problems and after a lot of struggle comes out of it. Keeping this in mind, work out your story. Don’t make the story bland. There is no fun if the hero doesn’t fight with the villain and defeats him.

4. Moral

Giving the story a moral is an effective way to instill good values in your child. Suppose your child has lied to you about being sick to avoid school, tell him the story about ‘The Boy who cried Wolf’. Your child will realize his mistake.

5. Involve your kids

Kids love to get involved in the story. Let them choose the names of the characters. If you get stuck in the middle of the story ask your kids what they think happened next.

6. Do funny voices

Do funny voices of the prince, the princess and even of the frog. Kids will surely love it. Soon you’ll find that you’re enjoying the session as much as they are.

7. Your childhood experiences

Most kids love to know what their parents were like as kids. Share your childhood experiences with them. You will be surprised how wonderful it feels to bond with your child while sharing your childhood memories.

8. Use props

You’ll surely find a lot toys in your kid’s room that you can use while telling the story. Try to make it funny, like, by dressing up a teddy-bear as a princess.

9. Make your kids the central character

Make your kid the hero of the story. Give him superpowers, a stylish superhero costume, a cape and the power to fly. Next, add a big city in danger and a villain. Now have him defeat the villain in a tough fight and win accolades from the citizens.

10. Happy ending

No matter if the end of the story is a tad too happy to be true, don’t change it. It doesn’t matter if the story is devoid of any logic. As long as the kid goes to sleep happy, anything from a monster gobbling up a whole city to a kid with a superpower to move mountains is gladly accepted.

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