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10 Things your teen would like you to say

You may feel that your teen needs space and a communication gap is developing. But there are things that your teen would like to hear from you even when they don’t admit it. They still want you to say words like ‘ I love you’ and ‘I am proud of you’. These expressions are like channels for open communication. They are indicative of your love toward them which has not bypassed just because they are grown ups now. It also make your teen feel that they can come up to you with their silliest of mistakes. And you as parents will solve their problems and rectify their mistakes. To feel it is not enough, you need to show it and say it as well.

1. I love you

Each parent loves his child for sure but when did you tell him last that you do so? Do not take your child for granted because a child may feel left out when you get busy in your professional and personal life. “I Love You” is three words sentence that a child needs to hear from you.

2. I am proud of you

You must know your child very well. Appreciate his qualities that he possesses and let him know about the same. Even if you get acquainted with negative habits, bring out the positive ones and you will see that there is a certain change in his behavior in a right direction.

3. I support you in the things you want to do in your life

Remember that if you are a doctor, it’s not necessary for your kid to choose the same profession; he may be interested in being a writer indeed. He is different as an individual. So be supportive and tell him that you support him in the things that he wishes to do.

4. I believe in you

Your teen might not be sure in the things he wants. It’s your duty to come up and say that you believe in him. When you say “I believe in your success”, the child gains self-confidence.

5. I am sorry

There’s no harm in admitting the wrong even if you are elder. Seeking sorry will earn you respect only. Cover up your follies by saying “I am sorry”.

6. You are a good person

A kid always wants to hear his positive points. Do tell him that he is good, kind and sweet as this will help you to build a stronger and better relation with the child. Even if your teen is rash, find out the right traits that he has.

7. Its OK to love your Dad/Mom

After a couple decide to separate, it becomes very difficult for the child to survive as he is extremely sensitive to the emotions of his parents. Choosing one from the two isn’t possible. You may not talk wrong about your spouse but the child can make out if you have hatred in your heart. So, be generous enough to tell your kid that “It’s fine to love your dad/mom and there is no harm in doing so”.

8. I accept you

Do not show disapproval to your kids. Your teens need to be accepted the way they are though they might not show it to you. They might do and say a certain things that they do not mean because they require your acceptance. Tell your teen “I accept you”.

9. I didn’t mean it

There is a moment when you hurt your own child by saying something offensive that you shouldn’t have. But the frustration and anger takes an upper hand and you lose control over yourself. At such a situation be gentle enough to apologize and say “I didn’t mean it at all”.

10. You are special

Have you ever told your child that how important and special he is to you? The sentence “You are special and important” means a lot to your child and serves as a strong bond that holds your relation with the child.

These things just take a moment to say and might seem small too but make a huge difference. Words have a power of their own. Take your time and convey your messages to show your emotions.

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