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10 Reasons why it’s better to live in underground houses

Underground House

Underground houses refer to the houses that are built below the ground’s surface. Unawareness about the concept of underground house has lead to myths which make people feel that such houses are very difficult to live in and they have a lot disadvantages. This misconception does not let people entertain the benefits of underground houses. Being known commonly to be energy efficient, people presume that these dwellings are being promoted just by environmentalists. Here are some benefits of living in underground houses:

1. Saves money

Underground houses, due to geo thermal property, are cooler in summers and warmer in winters. This happens because of the insulation property of earth. This feature thus saves money which is generally spent for cooling and heating the house.

It’s been suggested that you can save up to 40 percent of money if you opt for such houses as these use the unbuilt area of the natural surroundings, a hill or rock.

2. Less fear of thieves

Thieves are more prone to rob a traditional house rather than an underground home. The reason is that the underground houses have just a single open wall thus offering very few techniques for the thief to get inside. The other sides of underground homes usually have an impenetrable shell, so it is difficult for the thieves to break it.

3. You get to sleep better during nights

It has been suggested by scientists that dark ambiance is good for a better and healthy sleep. Underground houses will provide you this dark space to sleep and will help your body in being healthy.

4. Air quality is significantly better than conventional houses

It is a widely assumed misconception that the air quality of interior is poor as there is lack of ventilation. But it has been seen that instead of ventilation when Air exchange systems are installed the air quality becomes significantly better than that of a conventional building.

5. Underground house are safe from natural disasters

Due to the unbelievable structural reliability, underground houses are safe from natural disasters like hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, earth quakes etc. This is because these structures benefit from the structural quality of the earth or mountain and so are stronger than conventional housing.

6. Enables to preserving land

This feature is most beneficial for farmers. The precious land which they would usually use for conventional house is saved, when they use mountains and other landscapes. The fertile land thus is free for growing crops.

Another use is that you can park your vehicle on the roof.

7. A grand and appealing look

This is a new and unique concept and can give you benefit of others awe feel when they see your house. Several subterranean houses have sauna, swimming pool and den. So it means that underground houses are not just old traditional structures but can have all the facilities that are possible in a conventional house.

8. Benefits for the environment

These unconventional houses are a boon for people who imagine out of the box in terms of energy conservation and environmental benefits. These houses offer several merits and are stringent in using energy. These houses blend with nature and conserve and protect the surrounding environment.

9. Well light

Here we need to burst one more myth associated with underground houses, that they are dingy, dark and claustrophobic. If the house is built with open ended face towards the south it will get a lot of sunlight thus making it well lit.

10. Provides privacy

The underground house provides privacy, as it is not easy for people to know that you’re home. This is an advantage for people who are introvert and do not want to be disturbed now and then.

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