10 must have equipments in your home gym

must have equipments in your home gym

Health is wealth and anyone who realizes this pays enough attention to their physique and wellness. However the workload is often a bit too much in the modern day lifestyle and it is no cakewalk to take time out of your busy schedule and hit the gym every day. Does that mean you will miss out on a regular workout regime? Of course not.

If you cannot go to the gym, make the gym come to you. This will help you in creating your own fitness studio where you will have the freedom to work out in your own time.

List of the must have equipments in your home gym

  1. A Yoga mat or an exercise mat:A-Yoga-matYou may feel that we are starting off on a light note and that this yoga mat is not much of an essential. However, let us correct you right there by saying that this should be your first buy to initiate the process. From performing exercises to yoga to working out on your abs, all tasks can be accomplished on the yoga mat. You can even take it up to the terrace or the balcony or even in the garden and do your exercises there. To top it all, just the fact that you have bought this for a price will make you work out so that you don’t end up wasting it.
  2. Dumbbells: This is surely among the must have equipments in your home gym, because of the large number of ways in which it can be used. Apart from the general exercises for power building or muscle building you can also use dumbbells for cardio workouts. From the workout of your biceps and triceps to the chest and even the abs, the dumbbells offer you a simplistic solution to all that you want. They are also not the most expensive and this will allow you to have a whole set and we suggest having a range from 5-25 for various exercises.
  3. Gloves:GlovesThis is one of the must have exercise equipment for beginners and for good reason. The initial days of workout are full of enthusiasm and excitement and people often tend to work out a bit too much. The problem arises because the skin which was so far not expecting such rough treatment end up getting callous, rough and sore. This results in not the best looking hands apart from the discomfort. So it is better to prevent this by simply including a hand gloves for workout in your essentials checklist.
  4. Gym ball or an exercise ball: This will allow you to freely exercise without any professional trainer in the gym. You can simply get one of these balls at home and from crunches to pushups they will help you with a number of exercises. You are only bounded by your imagination when it comes to how many ways you can use this ball to tone up your arms and legs or build muscle.
  5. Treadmill:TreadmillBuy a multipurpose treadmill and we have to say it will be among the must have equipments in your home gym. From an easy jog to a nice run. From twisting to sit ups; all tasks can be easily performed in this multipurpose treadmill. Most importantly it is one of the most efficient ways of burning calories. Running on the treadmill everyday also ensures a healthy heart. Clearly, if you are creating your own fitness studio, it would be incomplete without a proper treadmill.
  6. Exercise bike: Much like the treadmill this is yet another must have equipments in your home gym. At any time of the day that suits you can hop onto this bike and burn some extra calories. Also just having a treadmill can be boring after a while. So it is better if you have choice which is the exercise bike so that all of you working together will not get bored of just one form of cardio. In fact, when it comes to fitness bikes, you have more choice than ever. With AI-powered bikes like those from CAR.O.L, you can done with your cardio within a matter of few minutes.Kettle bells:Kettle bells
    These are shaped in the form of bells and are also very heavy so it can be used for different workouts. Primarily used in the toning of arms and legs, the kettle bell could be easily purchased to get a welcome change in the workout regime. They are also important instruments while working out the shoulder muscles.
  7. The gym bench: Dumbbells are not really the best instruments for working out on the chest. So you can get this simple workout bench where you will do the bench press in peace. You can also use it to do some other exercises and this gym bench will be your companion and guide throughout your fitness regime.
  8. Spring chest pull:
    Spring chest pull
    If chest or shoulder is your unofficial weakness zone then do not miss out on buying this product. It is a very smart buy and takes up a very little area in the house. The instrument however packs quite a punch and can be used profusely for various purposes. This will definitely make a leaner and cleaner version from your room if you ignore the boredom.
  9. Crawling machine: It is a tricky job to stay as a crawling machine but this one still makes the list of the must have home equipments in your home gym. This machine basically takes the load while pushups and actually lets the user decide different activities that can be beneficial for him/her. 

Final words

This article would come in handy if you have struggled to adjust your timings with the gym or if you are a beginner who is unsure if he can continue a gym. Get these exercise equipment for beginners and get started. Welcome the healthier version of you and stay fit by working out on these fine instruments. If you have ticked off all boxes in the essentials checklist, you can be certain that you have a complete home gym at your disposal where you can have all kinds of workout.

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