10 Creative calendars of all time

Creative calendars of all time


Want to make your work desk an imaginative and creative area? Not only are these 10 creative calendars playful, fun, and vibrant, they act as efficient tools to keep track of your reminders so you do not forget that important meeting, or her birthday, or your anniversary.

1. Shredder Calendar: Also known as the “Chrono Shredder,” it operates as any other automated calendar and clock machine with the exception that the past dates are shredded away as the new ones arrive.

2. Coffee Cup Calendar: This wonderful design is in the form of your every day cup and plate. Dressed in elegant white, while the plate has dates from 1 to 31 printed on its circumference like a roulette machine, the cup contains a pointer titled “Date of Today” that points to the current date. This perfect design, created by Takeshi Nishioka, can be placed in your kitchen, office desk, or hall.

3. Modern Art Perpetual Calendar: The Modern Art Perpetual Calendar looks like an artist’s imagination playing his way through physics. It constitutes of a black colored wheelbarrow shaped circle with months January to December written on it, and a red colored stick, crossing through the wheelbarrow with its one end resting on the ground, showing the dates from 1 to 31. The user can operate it by moving the two magnetic balls to mark the current date. This design was given by Gideon Dagan for the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1998.

4. Circle the Date Stickers: Made for people who use stickers as reminders, these Circle the Date Stickers are a lot of fun. Each sticker is in a circular shape, with months printed on the circumference, and the dates of 1 through 31 marked in six lines on the interior. Each date can be represented by circling the month along with the corresponding date.

5. Post-it Note Calendar: Post-it Note Calendars are a fun and colorful way to keep track of dates. In this collection of calendars, each month is assigned a specific color, and each individual Post-it Notes belonging to a specific color/month comes with an engraved date number. These are an excellent way of making those piles of work files seem more vibrant.

6. Calendar Wallpaper: Made in the form of wallpaper, this calendar will not let you forget those birthdays and anniversaries. The months are separated into different columns, with the dates divided in separate rows. The design, given by Christiaan Postma, will not have you searching for your cell phones or digital clocks to tell you what the date is.

7. Eternal Magnetic Calendar: You can jazz up your cupboard, refrigerator, or workplace, with these calendar magnets. These magnets feature months abbreviated to their first three alphabets, dates numbered 1 through 31, and “deadline,” “arrival,” “departure,” 5 “drink days,” and “don’t drink day” magnets to spice up the whole concept. Awarded the Bronze prize at the Kiev International Advertising Festival ‘08, the magnets can be stacked on top of one another, or in a single line, to form an ideal calendar.

8. Calendar made of Matches: This works like a usual calendar, with each individual page assigned to a month of the year, along with corresponding dates, the difference being that real matches represent individual dates. The creative design, which was used to spread the idea of “energy,” was given by Yurko Gutsulyak.

9. Dupont – Corian Calendar: The Dupont – Corian Calendar is a playful and vibrant desk calendar, where months are engraved over different colored cuboids blocks. A set of two cubes, similar to a pair of dice used in the regular poker game, when placed appropriately, displays the current date. The calendar comprises of a holder that keeps month-blocks, and it has a separate space to place the current one.

10. Ink Calendar: Ink Calendar fuses creativity and capillary mechanism to display the current date. The dates are shaped in paper in continuity, which at one end run into an ink bottle. Using capillary mechanism, as the new dates arrive, ink spreads to the corresponding number. As the color fills into the numbers, the date is displayed.

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