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10 cool and stylish wine racks for your home bar

Everyone who enjoys wine also loves to display it. It is also important for wine connoisseurs to store their products in the best way possible for functional reasons. Over the time, wine racks and cellars have become graceful in look, as they are a way of showing off the owner’s personality. Designers have come up with quirky designs as well as classy ideas to ensure that wine racks not only hold wine but also add a touch of zing to a room. Below are 10 of the most stylish wine racks for your home bar:

1. Wine Rack by Iron Design Company

This steel wine rack, designed by Iron Design Company, was exhibited at the Architectural Digest Show in New York. It can hold up to six wine bottles and has a very sleek and smart design. The shape makes it look like it’s been formed by the bottles themselves. The rack is a perfect addition to your bar as it is classy, graceful and takes up less space.

2. Robust wine rack

The fun Robust wine rack is sure to bring color into your bar cabinet. Simply place it on your counter and store up to 11 wine bottles. The rack is only 22 inches wide so doesn’t take up too much space. It comes in 3 different colors that can be selected according to your personal taste and preference.

3. Vineyard wine rack

The Vineyard wine rack is specially designed to store some of your most expensive bottles of wine. The rack holds up to six bottles and is available in five different types of wood – oak, birch, ash, maple and walnut – which have been treated with linseed oil to bring out the shine. Place it vertically or horizontally according to your taste and space.

4. Factory table wine rack

The factory table wine rack is inspired by the pipe system in factories. It is rugged in look and takes you back to the time of the Industrial Revolution. The rack is a table top one and can easily be placed wherever you want. It comes in a rust or zinc finish and can easily store six bottles of 750 ml wine. It’s designed in such a way that the wine comes into contact with the cork. This rack is truly a masterpiece and is great for anyone with a good sense of style.

5. Blomus Cioso Wine Rack

These stainless steel racks are wall mounted and are very aesthetic in appearance. The rack holds the bottle just by its neck, making it a lot more interesting than other types of racks. Designed by Flöz Design for Blomus, it can hold up to eight wine bottles.

6. Cactus Wine Rack

From the designers at London’s Oxo tower comes this trendy and colorful wine rack, perfect for anyone who wants to add some fun in their living room. The cactus-shaped rack is made of stainless steel and can store up to eight bottles of wine. Though the bottles appear to be floating in the rack, they have actually been secured into it.

7. SALE-Wine Bar Rack

This is great for all those Elvis fans out there as it has been made using seven of his record albums. The rack is made by folding the records into forming a support for the wine bottles. It can make a great conversation piece and adds quirkiness to a room. What is different about it is that it can be used to hold things other than bottles like magazines and even towels. Perfect for those who want to go green by recycling their old stuff.

8. Wavy 10-Bottle Wine Rack

Classy and very aesthetically pleasing, the wavy 10-bottle wine rack can hold up to 10 bottles of wine. The smooth wave-like design is great for displaying your best collection of wines. Retailing at $29.99, it is a great bargain for such a great amount of style.

9. Vandehar Wine Rack

This unusual and unique wine rack can either be wall mounted or placed over a counter top. The rack is priced at $250 and though a little expensive, it is clearly deserving of your pricey wine. The wood adds a rustic touch to your bar while taking up very little space. Truly a great buy.

10. Wall Mount Wine Rack Oenophilia

This wall-mounted wine rack is great for those who have expensive wines that they would like to display but don’t have the place to do so. It can be attached to a wall and stores up to 10 of your favorite wines. Artsy and contemporary, it is aesthetically appealing without being over the top.

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