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12 trendy bookends to organize your shelves

Books are the most prized possessions for book-lovers. Therefore, it is but obvious that they want to maintain their collection of books in the best possible condition. Keeping them in safe places, in neat and organized way may not always be sufficient. Sometimes book-lovers want to adorn the racks of their books with decorative items that may or may not serve any other purpose in terms of functionality. Bookends of various interesting and creative designs help to add that decor factor to the book-shelves while being functionally useful at the same time. Read on to know more of some different, creative and attractive designs of bookends:

1. A-Z Concrete bookends

Designer Jochen Korn has come up with this bookend design that provides a solution to all worries related to choosing a bookend. This bookend will provide the required amount of support to the heaviest book you may possess. These bookends are made of special material that are strong and inflexible and weigh 2.5 kg. They have a stainless steel base with a non-slippery rubber cover on the upper side of it on which the books are to be kept.

Apart from these, you can use these bookends to keep books in alphabetically sorted or arranged manner. Each set of bookend comes with 6 separate units in which the first 4 units cover 4 alphabets each of English (thus covering the first 16 alphabets of English) while the rest two cover 5 alphabets each (thus covering the remaining 10 alphabets).

2. Mr. Ed

This is a multipurpose item that can be used as a shelf lamp, a reading or table lamp and of course serve the main purpose, i.e, work as a bookend. This design has been introduced by the Dutch designer Roderick Vos who has made sure that this bookend has the capability to support the biggest or heaviest books. The cast black aluminum bookend presents a look of two books standing upright at two sides of a small lamp.

3. Alphabet bookends

If you want a bookend not just to support your books or hold them upright but also to keep them alphabetically sorted, then this bookend may help you a lot. Though there are only two alphabets in this particular design, but it can still manage to help you place your books in much neater form. These bookends are made of poly resin and two male figures are attached to each of the two alphabets to add a little more attractiveness to the design.

4. Standing bear pair

If you want a cute looking bookend for your books, here is one such design for you. These bookends have two bears in different positions at the two sides to support books that are placed between them. The material used in these bookends is strong and heavy. Each bookend weighs around 8 pounds. The look that is given to these bookends is quite antique and thus adds that extra class to your valuable collection of books and your home decor.

5. Stonehenge bookend

Seth Rolland has come up with this design of a bookend that is handmade and sculpted out of ash wood and walnut wood. This bookend comes in a pair of two single blocks of handcrafted and sculpted wood. The design does serve its purpose well and at the same time brings in elegance and class to your home interior.

6. Cast Resin Bookends

Designer Chris Collicott has taken inspiration from the machine age to create this bookend. The item is 8 inches tall and weighs 5.5lbs. The design shows two men at the two sides of the bookend in leaning and pushing postures. Made of stone and resin, these are quite sturdy and useful in keeping books.

7. The Han and Greedo bookends

For Star War fans these bookends are a sheer pleasure to own. It depicts one of the famous and important scenes of the Star War saga where Han and Greedo (the two important and famous characters) are in an extremely crucial last discussion.

8. Star wars bookend

Star War fans have more to rejoice. Here is another bookend inspired from another famous scene of the star war series. These bookends illustrate the scene famous as the garbage contractor from Episode IV – A New Hope where Han, Luke, Leia and Chewbacca try hard to stop the walls from closing in on them. These bookends are hand-painted and also a limited edition product.

9. Carl Aubock’s bookends

Austrian designer Carl Aubock has presented book-readers and book-lovers with this simple yet classic design of a bookend. The design is inspired from the designs of the mid-century. Made of cast brass, these bookends have the ability to hold any book of any size. Though, the price may be a factor that may bother you as these bookends do come quite costly.

10. Old Vinyl Records bookends

Convert your old vinyl records to attractive bookends at home and that too without much effort, any additional tools or extra cost. You can use those records that are scraped or somehow damaged and make an useful bookend out of them. These bookends are unusual for your book-shelf and also help to bring out your creative side.

11. Voltron Bookends

These bookends belong to the limited edition items and only 1000 pieces of these have been produced. These 10 inches tall polystone resin sculptures bring to your bookshelf the Lion Force Voltron on one side and a Robeast at the other side to provide support to your books that are to be placed in between them.

12. Illuminated lightsaber bookends

Another design of bookends inspired from the Star War series. This is a very interesting and different design and catches the attraction and attention of people. This item not only will delight a Star war fan but any book-lover who desires to get some unique and unusual design for his precious collection of books.

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