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10 Action video games to avoid

Action video games to avoid

Nowadays, you will hardly come across any children who does not play video games. The reason is quite obvious, the video games available in the market are very much sophisticated and take you to an entirely new world. It has been observed that kids have a special liking for action video games and there is nothing wrong in it. However, you have to be careful about the games which your child is playing because some of the action video games feature an excess of violence and blood rage. This can be mentally disturbing, not only for your child but even for you. So it is better to stay away from such games.

1. Resident Evil 5

Its popularity can be understood by the fact that four Hollywood movies have been made on its backdrop and all of them have been a major hit. However, this does not imply that you should allow your child to plat this game. The deep violence and blood rage featured in this game is much more intense than the previous versions and can be rightly termed to be visually and mentally disturbing for your kids.

2. God of War II

The previous version of this game was centered around the world’s angriest man-god Kratos and his rage filled journey. The first version was a smashing hit and the developers have released God of War II keeping in mind that making it even more brutal and showing barbarous killing and agony is going to help them in repeating the history. That is why even the game critics have rated it as excessively violent and unsuitable for kids.

3. Postal

Now, this is something which you will never like that your child should ever play. The only way to win this game is to kill anything that comes in your way in order to get rid of the hostiles. It features intense violence, blood and gore along with strong language which makes totally unfit for the kids. The graphics and 3D effects makes it look so real that it can easily frighten children.

4. Three kill

In case of Three Kill, it is not only we who are saying that it portrays excess violence and blood rage, even the original distributors of this game were of the same opinion that is why they refused to distribute it. This game which is basically designed for PlayStation revolves around the main character (the player) who has to fight against the counterparts which are selected by the CPU. The killings shown in this game are very brutal.

5. Mortal Combat

The game revolves around the Mortal Combat tournament which is organized on a hidden island by an evil sorcerer. This game is about seven players who have to banish each other in order to win the game. From this point onwards, the brutality and barbaric killing begins. Because of the blood rage shown in this game, it got into several controversies when it was released

6. Manhunt

The critics have given this game an M (mature) rating which itself describes the fact that it is not meant for children. The content of it are not easy on the mind and the blood rage and deep violence featured in here can be visually and mentally disturbing. So, its better to to keep it away from the reach of your child.

7. Dead Rising

This game is about Frank West who is a freelance photojournalist. He gets trapped midst flesh eating Zombies inside a mall. The only way he could escape is by killing all the Zombies. Now, the most brutal part of it is that he has use anything, from sword to plants for killing the zombies. This game has been designed for the Xbox 360. The intense violence and the graphics are so much disturbing that it has even been banned in Germany!

8. Carmageddon

This is a racing game but don’t get under the impression that like other contemporary racing games, this one is also about just winning races. You need to do something more in order to win this game. You have to destroy almost everything that comes into your way, be it the other driver’s cars, police, lamp post or even innocent pedestrians. This is the most violent part of this game. Traffic rules don’t exist in here and the hair raising graphics are reason enough to keep your child away from it.

9. Gears of War 2

This is a sequel to the very popular Gears of War. The main character of this game is Marcus Fenix, who is caged inside a prison because of his treasonous behavior. Meanwhile, the Locust forces who are powerful creatures from a different planet attacks the mankind in order to gain dominance on the planet Earth. Marcus Fenix is released from the jail to fight against them. The graphics are really very frightening and to top it all, the chunks of meat and the dirty splash of blood shown in the fights can be very disturbing for young kids.

10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Not only this game is full of violence and disturbing graphics, but this also can’t be considered suitable for the kids on moral grounds because it presents criminal activity in a glamorous way. It features sexually explicit content, prostitution and violence, all of which are not suitable for children.

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